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Putting impact first

Our commitment to people, communities and society.

At the heart of AbbVie lies a single guiding belief:

That our commitment to science is a commitment to better our society.

As members of the wide-reaching scientific community, we cannot separate our work from the world.

We have responsibilities:

  • To break new ground and set new standards of care
  • To research and innovate with integrity and intention
  • To take care of our patients, our communities and our society

We take pride in our groundbreaking drug discovery and development. But it is our ability to deliver that sets us apart and allows us to uniquely address the needs of our patients and the needs of our times.

In this pursuit, progress is our policy. We are committed to collaboration - with our communities, our patients and customers, our employees, policymakers and the public. We are dedicated to diversity. We nurture the careers of diverse talent, support diverse communities and facilitate global scientific partnership.

Each day, we work to deliver solutions that improve the health of our business and the health of humankind.

Our approach to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

As a research-driven global biopharmaceutical company, we apply the same high standards and rigor to the medicines and solutions we pursue, to how we operate our business. At AbbVie, we are advancing ESG initiatives that contribute to the sustainable growth of our company so that we can create positive impact for our stakeholders for generations to come.

Our ESG Framework is built around three foundational pillars:

  • We discover and deliver innovative medicines that solve serious health issues;
  • We unlock the full potential of our diverse and talented teams and partners to deliver today and into the future; and
  • We innovate with integrity and intention to advance long-term patient health and business resiliency. ​

Across our company, we take an intentional approach to achieve the ESG impacts that matter most to our stakeholders, while continuing to deliver on our goal of solving tough challenges and enhancing people’s lives.

We track and report our progress to ensure we are delivering on our commitments and supporting our people, communities and stakeholders. We continually evaluate our efforts relative to external frameworks such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CDP and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Read our latest progress in our 2021 ESG Action Report

Meeting ambitious environmental sustainability targets by managing energy use and our supply chain.

Fostering equity, equality, diversity and inclusion fuels our innovation and supports employee development and education.

Tackling one of the toughest jobs in our company

For the Well-Being of Our Patients