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Recent publication highlights
  1. The PTPN2/PTPN1 inhibitor ABBV-CLS-484 unleashes potent anti-tumour immunity
    Nature |
    AbbVie authors: Christina K. Baumgartner, Jennifer M. Frost, Philip R. Kym, Keith M. Hamel, Kathleen A. McGuire, Geoff T. Halvorsen, Prasanthi Geda, Kelly L. Klinge, Zhaoming Xiong, Ryan Duggan, Liang Mu, Domenick E. Kennedy, Angeline Chen, Kenton Longenecker, Joseph T. Klahn, Cara L. Hrusch, Navasona Krishnan, Charles W. Hutchins, Jacqueline D. Aguado, Marinka Bulic, Joshua H. Decker, Yi Yang, Magali Guffroy, Stacey Fossey, Patricia Trusk, Wei Qiu, Qi Sun

  2. PINNED: Identifying Characteristics of Druggable Human Proteins Using an Interpretable Neural Network
    Journal of Cheminformatics |
    AbbVie authors: Michael Cunningham, Danielle Pins, Zoltán Dezső, Maricel Torrent, Aparna Vasanthakumar and Abhishek Pandey

  3. Importance of PLD2 in an IL-23 driven psoriasiform dermatitis model and potential link to human psoriasis
    The Journal of Dermatology |
    AbbVie authors: Zhi Su, Peter Slivka, Stephanie Paulsboe, Katherine Chu, Joseph B. Wetter, Marian Namovic, Denise Perron, Arun Kannan, Qi Wan, Charlene Manning, Viktor Todorovic, Kathleen M. Smith, Alex Lipovsky, Yibing Wang, Kristine Frank, Steve McGaraughty, Jacqueline Loud, Victoria E. Scott, Prisca Honore and Eric R. Goedken

  4. Industry Perspective on the Pharmacokinetic and Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion Characterization of Heterobifunctional Protein Degraders
    Drug Metabolism and Disposition |
    AbbVie authors: Colin Phipps

  5. Endothelial Cells Are Heterogeneous in Different Brain Regions and Are Dramatically Altered in Alzheimer's Disease
    The Journal of Neuroscience I
    AbbVie authors: Maya Woodbury, Astrid Wachter, Gen Lin, Taekyung Kwon, Robert Talanian, Knut Biber and Eric Karran

  6. Tumor-intrinsic metabolic reprogramming and how it drives resistance to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 treatment
    Cancer Drug Resistance I
    AbbVie authors: Kyra Laubach (postdoc), Tolga Turan, Rebecca Mathew, Julie Wilsbacher, John Engelhardt and Josue Samayoa

  7. Genome-scale functional genomics screening highlights genes impacting protein fucosylation in Chinese hamster ovary cells
    SLAS Discovery I
    AbbVie authors: Kari Barlan, Gaurang P Bhide, Derek White, Marc Lake, Charles Lu, Stephanie Rieder, Lianchun Fan and Chen-Lin Hsieh

  8. Identification of Plasma Biomarkers from Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Using an Optimized Sequential Window Acquisition of All THeoretical Mass Spectra (SWATH) Proteomics Workflow
    Proteomes |
    AbbVie authors: Liang Jin, Fei Wang, Xue Wang, Bohdan Harvey, Yingtao Bi, Baoliang Cui, Anhdao Darcy, John Maull, Ben Phillips, Gary Jenkins, Thierry Sornasse and Yu Tian

  9. Pharmaceutical Development Challenges in a Beyond Rule of Five Prodrug: Case Study of ABBV-167, Phosphate Prodrug of Venetoclax
    Molecular Pharmaceutics |
    AbbVie authors: Richard Hong, Haichen Nie, Rodger Henry, Sean Garner, Nathaniel Catron, Russell Hertzler, Andrew Souers, Ahmad Sheikh and Shuang Chen

  10. Predicting crystal form stability under real-world conditions
    Nature |
    AbbVie authors: Alessandra Mattei and Ahmad Sheikh

  11. Design of Redispersible High-Drug-Load Amorphous Formulations: Impact of Ionic vs Nonionic Surfactants on Processing and Performance
    Molecular Pharmaceutics |
    AbbVie authors: Mengqi Yu (postdoc), Hardeep Oberoi, Hitesh Purohit, Craig Fowler and Devalina Law

  12. Free Energy Perturbation Approach for Accurate Crystalline Aqueous Solubility Predictions
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry |
    AbbVie authors: Richard Hong, Rajni Miglani Bhardwaj, Alessandra Mattei, Kevin Cusack, Nada Mehio, Shailendra Bordawekar, Philip Kym and Ahmad Sheikh

  13. The pluripotential evolution and journey of Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA)
    Medicine |
    AbbVie author: Mitchell Brin

  14. Botulinum neurotoxins: Future innovations
    Medicine |
    AbbVie authors: Amy Brideau-Andersen and Mitchell Brin

  15. Utilization of OATP1B Biomarker Coproporphyrin-I to Guide Drug–Drug Interaction Risk Assessment: Evaluation by the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics |
    AbbVie author: Ryota Kikuchi

  16. Proof-of-Concept in Developing a 45% Drug Loaded Amorphous Nanoparticle Formulation
    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences |
    AbbVie authors: Hitesh Purohit, Deliang Zhou, Mengqi Yu, Maryam Zaroudi, Hardeep Oberoi, Angélica de L.Rodríguez López, Manish S. Kelkar, Yan He, Bradley Gates, Nandkishor Nere and Devalina Law

  17. Clinical Bridging From Prefilled Syringe to On-Body Injector for Risankizumab in Crohn's Disease
    Clinical Therapeutics |
    AbbVie authors: Yinuo Pang, Ronilda D'Cunha, Afroz Shareef Mohammad, Rachel Duan, Jasmina Kalabic, Toni Anschutz, Sai Nudurupati, Kori Wallace, Manuela Jaeschke, Sujani Nannapaneni, Ji Zhou, Wei Liu and Patrick Marroum

  18. Fibroblast-derived growth factors and exosomes as cosmeceuticals
    Dermatological Reviews |
    AbbVie authors: Rahul Mehta, Kuniko Kadoya, Prithwiraj Maitra, Lisa Goberdhan and Elizabeth Makino