Therapeutic Modalities

Inside how we are working to create tomorrow's breakthroughs.

The therapeutic modalities that lead to novel medicines

Our work begins with a deep understanding of disease biology. We discover unprecedented insights about human disease through access to patient and genomic data. Once we identify the right target with a strong link to human disease, we turn to our R&D toolbox — a mix of traditional and cutting-edge modalities — to create the best compound for that specific target.

Our arsenal of therapeutic modalities continues to grow along with advances in innovation and knowledge. We invest in breakthrough platform technologies, AI/ML applications and drug delivery advances, helping us bring better medicines to patients faster.

(Turning a discovery into a medicine is) an arduous process of trial and error that can take many years. However, it’s the curiosity for the unknown and thirst for knowledge that excites and drives us.

Jonathon Sedgwick, Ph.D.
VP and Global Head, Discovery Research, AbbVie