Responsible Supply Chain

A reliable supply chain allows us to deliver on our promise to provide medicines and products to people who need them, when they need them.

Meeting our patient and customers’ needs requires a supply chain that operates consistently and with integrity. That’s why we take strong, proactive measures to ensure the security of our supply chain, including quality assessments and audits of our suppliers to ensure they uphold our high standards.

We purchase goods and services globally

We partner with suppliers who share our commitment to creating medicines and solutions that put impact first.


spent on suppliers worldwide in 2023


spent with small and diverse businesses in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, in 2023


countries with suppliers


suppliers globally

Code of conduct

We hold our suppliers to high standards

We expect our suppliers to espouse the same social and environmental values that we do: diversity and inclusion, sustainable business practices and human rights protections. To ensure alignment with these values, our suppliers are asked to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.


We work with suppliers who, like us, operate with the future in mind

Our commitment to sustainability means we require our suppliers to maintain fair labor practices, foster worker safety, protect the environment and actively assess and manage risk.

To ensure suppliers take these measures, we evaluate them through our Supplier Social Responsibility Program, which is part of the AbbVie Supplier Sustainability program.

If our suppliers need support to achieve compliance or have an interest in establishing higher standards, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team also offers pro bono services, including EHS audits and sustainability training.


We assess and audit our critical suppliers

To ensure continuous supply to our customers and patients, we monitor the financial health of our suppliers, conduct quality compliance audits of third parties, and participate in various supply chain security programs around the globe, e.g., the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) in the U.S., Partners in Protection (PiP) in Canada, and several Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs.

AbbVie continuously evaluates available programs as part of our commitment to ensure the security of the supply chain and the ability to deliver medicines and products to patients. Participation in these programs requires AbbVie to work jointly with critical suppliers to perform risk assessments, and where required, we support those suppliers in developing business continuity plans to ensure security processes and procedures that protect the integrity of the supply chain are in place.

Our technology platform allows us to evaluate risk across a number of critical domains, develop and implement risk mitigation plans, monitor our suppliers’ performance, and manage potential disruptions to our supply chain. This platform, in coordination with subject matter experts in various partner organizations within AbbVie, provides us with a broad line of sight into risks across the global supply chain on a real-time basis, offering 24/7 alerts to key decision-makers in vulnerable locations.


supplier sites assessed for in-depth for quality in 2023


supplier sites with greatest impact of product quality and safety assessed in-depth


AbbVie empowers small and diverse businesses

Our Supplier Diversity and Economic Inclusion Program enhances our competitiveness in the market by advancing opportunities to partner with small, woman- and minority-owned businesses.


In partnership with Diversity Alliance for Science, we mentor diverse suppliers, providing business owners with tools, resources and counsel.


We sponsor and provide scholarships for select diverse suppliers to participate in entrepreneurial education programs and conferences.

Outreach and advocacy

AbbVie representatives participate in matchmaking events, trade fairs and conferences where we can understand the products and services of diverse businesses.