Putting Patients First

At AbbVie, patients are at the heart of what we do: creating medicines and solutions that make a difference in people's lives.

AbbVie Patient Centricity
What does it mean to be patient centric at AbbVie?
What does it mean to be patient centric at AbbVie?

Everything we do, the reason we come to work is to think about the patients that we serve.

Melissa Falcone
Senior Director, Patient Services Program

Innovating to meet patient needs

We partner with patients, patient organizations, caregivers and clinicians to ensure that individual experiences, perspectives, needs and priorities are part of our clinical development process.

Delivering more than medicine

At AbbVie, we believe everyone should have access to quality and affordable medicines if and when they need them. We help patients get the medicines they need by offering various access and support programs.

We work to improve health outcomes for patients globally
Patient support programs

Our patient support programs help prescribed patients reach their full treatment potential through disease education and access resources.

Educational programs

We support educational programs that equip patients, their families and caregivers with the knowledge and resources to understand and manage their diseases.


With partners, we work to amplify the impact of our scientific progress, because we know many patient challenges cannot be solved alone.


AbbVie supports independent education for experienced healthcare providers and scientists studying current, new and emerging science.



new patients supported by our patient support programs in 2021



patients and healthcare providers reached through our independent healthcare grants in 2022