Making a Difference

We aim to make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients, with a focus on supporting independent educational grants and making charitable donations.

Make learning and development a part of the culture

We help further education around current, new and emerging sciences and standards of care, as we know they are key to the patient experience.

Improving quality of care for patients

Advancing medical practice and performance

Increasing treatment knowledge and disease awareness

Our grants and charitable donations:

  • Contribute to improving health equity and the elimination of health care disparities in underserved patient populations;
  • Support telemedicine and telehealth education to foster effective patient engagement and care;
  • Help bridge the gap between academia and community and rural settings;
  • Support independent continuing education for healthcare providers with the most up-to-date information on current, new and emerging therapies;
  • Meet the needs of patients, through grants and charitable donations to patient organizations;
  • Support fellowships that allow healthcare providers to continue their training and increase their capacity in any given field of study; and
  • Demonstrate AbbVie’s commitment to educational resources that is independent from support of our medicines and treatments.

Therapeutic areas of focus

Our therapeutic areas of focus include immunology, oncology, neuroscience, aesthetics, eye care and other areas of scientific research with the greatest potential impact for patients.

Ready to apply?

Please contact the Independent Education at (877) 228-7177 or [email protected] if you require assistance.