Our scientists are working to find new, evidence-driven solutions focused on novel indications, improved delivery technologies and enhanced patient outcomes.

Decades after pioneering the field of aesthetic medicine, what’s next?

Our team is focused on creating products and technologies that advance aesthetic medicine. Conducting our own research, development and manufacturing, we seek to discover and accelerate comprehensive, science-based solutions that enhance people’s lives.

Data analytics, trends reporting and insight mining help us understand customer needs and allow us to deliver one of the largest, most-researched portfolio and pipeline in the medical aesthetics industry.

The ability to find solutions for patients has really been strengthened when Allergan became part of AbbVie in 2020. It’s bringing together innovation, technology and technical expertise to achieve our goals - and you can see this in our developing pipeline.

Darin Messina, Ph.D.
SVP, R&D Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company
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Research interests

We take an evidence-based approach to investigating the signs of aging and their underlying causes, building a portfolio of complementary, next-generation aesthetic solutions that aim to redefine the standard of care. Our pipeline is focused in five areas: neurotoxins, soft tissue fillers, non-invasive body contouring, plastic surgery and regenerative medicine, and topical skincare. Our research interests include:

  • Advancing the neurotoxin landscape, building on a decades-long legacy in both aesthetic and therapeutic uses, through prioritizing novel indications and a diversified approach of unique formulations, serotypes and durations.

  • Evolving the science around dermal fillers, developing novel injectables and seeking to address signs of aging caused by the loss of structural building blocks on skin and underlying soft tissues.

  • Exploring meaningful advances in non-invasive body contouring for localized fat reduction, body sculpting, core strengthening and cellulite treatments, with potential growth areas in skin laxity and scar management.

  • Leading the industry in plastic surgery and regenerative medicine, driving innovation in implantable medical devices while zeroing in on technologies and platforms that aim to rebuild and regenerate soft tissues, a critical innovation that could help people seeking reconstruction after surgery.

  • Expanding a robust portfolio of topical skincare offerings that address broader skin types and new benefit areas, centered on research and backed by the demand for solutions for skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and acne.

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