Request Types

We offer various types of support. See below for details.

Independent Medical Education

Independent Medical Education is funding to an independent third party to support the development or implementation of clearly defined medical or education programs or activities for health care providers that foster increased understanding/knowledge of scientific, clinical or health care issues that contribute to the enhancement of patient care.

Independent Patient Education

Patient Education is programs designed primarily to advance disease state or treatment education to the patients/consumers and/or care partners.

Charitable donations

Charitable donations support 501(c)(3) or other nonprofit organizations for specific nonprofit purposes. For nonprofit providers (e.g. hospitals) of their related foundations, the nonprofit purpose must specifically relate to support for low-income persons or families, indigent/homeless persons or families or underserved or uninsured persons or families.

Additional request types

Other request types include fellowships.

Ready to apply?

Please contact the Independent Education at (877) 228-7177 or [email protected] if you require assistance.