We're taking bold steps to seek cures & deliver medicines faster

Because thinking small never changed the world.

We have the potential to solve science’s most profound mysteries. And the incredible pace of technological change and scientific knowledge places us at a unique moment to reimagine the future.

But progress is not a given. And discoveries don’t just happen. A better future must be built.

That's why we're making the big bets.

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What’s the case for making big bets?
What’s the case for making big bets?

Striving for new cures

As we tackle some of the most challenging, complex diseases, we won’t compromise. We question the status quo. We uncover the molecular drivers of disease, we create first-in-kind therapies that transform people’s lives. And our ultimate focus will always be cures.

At AbbVie, we won’t settle for incremental progress. We will continue to transform standards of care for every single patient.

Andy Souers
Andy Souers, Ph.D.
Vice President, Oncology Discovery Research, AbbVie
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Pioneering scientific breakthroughs with technology

Rapid advancements in technology are putting previously impossible tasks within reach. Data scientists, engineers, and AI experts are collaborating with chemists and biologists to develop new research tools, mine insights, and pioneer breakthroughs that speed up the pace of science. Whether we’re inventing new algorithms and applications or creating new ways to use them, technology is opening a whole new world of possibilities.

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Delivering medicines to patients faster

When patients face a cancer diagnosis or a debilitating neurologic disorder, they need therapies and support today – not 10 years from now. So, we’re challenging conventional timelines to get medicines from the lab to patients in years, not decades. It starts with doing things differently from streamlining processes to failing fast. Because the less time it takes to develop and deliver new treatments and cures, the more time we all have to spend living.

We are laser focused on identifying efficiencies that speed up development, with the goal of going twice as fast to deliver transformational new medicines to patients.

Nicholas Donoghoe headshot
Nicholas Donoghoe
EVP and Chief Business & Strategy Officer, AbbVie
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