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Raising the standard for all

With each new discovery, we create a better understanding of how patients are different — even those diagnosed with the same disease — so we can develop more personalized approaches to immunological diseases. More than 1 million people with immune-mediated diseases worldwide are treated with our therapies.

Scientists at the AbbVie Bioresearch Center in Massachusetts focus on innovative solutions for some of medicine’s toughest challenges, including immunology.

We’re proud to be a trusted leader in immunology — we’ll stop at nothing to make a difference in patients’ lives.

Nicole Selenko-Gebauer, M.D., MBA
VP, Global Medical Affairs, AbbVie

Research interests

We’re building on our deep expertise and historic legacy in immunology research to explore new disease areas, create a more patient-centric discovery and development process, and offer solutions for more diverse patient populations. Our advanced technologies support a rich pipeline of medicines for some of the most challenging immunological diseases. Research interests include:

Understanding drivers of disease
Increasing understanding of disease through molecular profiling of patient samples, exploring preclinical disease to post-treatment states and using multi-omics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Fit for purpose drug discovery

Redesigning drug discovery using molecular profiles that reveal the genetic makeup of disease rather than diagnoses that describe disease.

Increasing probability of success in drug discovery
Developing more humanized preclinical model systems (e.g., CRISPR, iPSC, organoids and disease-on-a-chip) and state-of-the-art immunological, imaging and computational approaches to drive innovation of target identification, validation, benchmarking and prioritization.

Inducing of immune tolerance
Pursuing the biology behind inducing tolerance rather than suppressing pathological immune activity.

Drug delivery platforms
Investing in targeted drug delivery platforms, which are designed to specifically deliver a potent drug to the right cells and/or tissues. These include bispecifics, Antibody-Drug Conjugate platforms, small molecule approaches, RNA therapeutics and in situ cell reprogramming.

Immunology focus areas

We work to help people living with chronic, progressive diseases in rheumatology, dermatology and gastroenterology live full lives without limits from their disease.

immunology focus areas:

Key Commitments

Innovation strengths

Across disease areas and development stages, we follow 3 tenets to drive innovation forward.


Strategic collaborations bring together the brightest minds in immunology working to bring more options to patients, faster. We join forces with partners that complement our strengths, capabilities and commitment to people with immune-mediated diseases.

Precision medicine

Innovation in this area helps researchers understand complex immune-mediated diseases, from how a person’s genetics affect disease to leveraging clinical trial data to deliver personalized medicine. Advanced technologies like molecular profiling and biomarker analyses allow us to dig even deeper.

Portfolio mindset

We have nearly a quarter-century of experience in immune-mediated disease, and we’re not stopping. We continue to investigate diseases with critical unmet diseases, building robust development programs that advance how the disease is treated.

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