Transforming Cancer Care from the Inside Out

Discover how AbbVie’s benefits are supporting cancer care for employees.

Empowering people with supportive benefits

It was 2021 when Lisa Moreno found herself unexpectedly thrust into the role of caregiver.

That year, her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a rare form of cancer that affects over 60,000 people annually in the United States.1

Struggling under the emotional impact of the diagnosis, Lisa found balancing her caregiving responsibilities and her career as a benefits operations manager daunting.

As an AbbVie employee, however, she found a lifeline with the company’s caregiver leave benefit—one that gave Lisa time off to fully focus on being with her mother during her most vulnerable moments, from doctor's appointments to hospice.

I had days of quality time, I can't imagine not having, and it's all thanks to a caregiver leave that I was able to utilize to its fullest.

Lisa Moreno
Lisa Moreno
Benefits Operations Manager, AbbVie

For Lisa, her family and the millions of others affected by cancer each year, AbbVie is on a mission to transform cancer care—and that mission extends beyond the laboratory and providing therapies. It permeates every facet of the company, including the support it offers to its people.

As a leader in oncology innovation, AbbVie understands that fighting cancer takes more than a treatment plan. It requires a broad support network to address the emotional and day-to-day impact, including at home and in the workplace. With this understanding at the forefront, AbbVie is committed to supporting employees in whatever way is needed, from unique benefits to flexibility to helping navigate this complex journey.


of people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime



of people with cancer report work is a source of personal pride and accomplishment that is critical for recovery3

A pledge to our people

AbbVie shows its commitment to employees by proudly serving as a founding partner of the Working With Cancer Pledge, a global network of companies committed to abolishing the stigma and insecurity that exists for people with cancer in the workplace. But AbbVie’s commitment isn't just defined by a pledge; it's a foundational part of what AbbVie is, coming alive through its Principles, the set of core beliefs that guide how the company operates.

Together, we’re fostering an unparalleled culture enriched by the support, understanding and flexibility we provide to those navigating the challenges of cancer.

Demetris Crum
Demetris (D) Crum
VP, Total Rewards, AbbVie

"As a founding member of the Working With Cancer pledge, we’re committed to empowering our people leaders to provide exceptional support to their teams, ensuring they understand and have access to all available benefits,” says Demetris (D) Crum, vice president, Total Rewards, AbbVie.

“Together, we’re fostering an unparalleled culture enriched by the support, understanding and flexibility we provide to those navigating the challenges of cancer."

Cancer's impact reverberates far beyond a medical diagnosis: It touches the individuals battling the disease, their families and communities. Recognizing this, AbbVie has listened intently to the needs of its people, conducting focus groups with employees like Lisa touched by cancer—themselves, as a people leader or a caregiver—to understand their challenges and provide benefits with their needs in mind.

From these focus groups, the company has gained valuable insights into the needs of employees navigating the complexities of cancer. They expressed a need for additional support, spanning from help getting expert medical opinions to flexibility on working arrangements and taking a leave of absence. In response, AbbVie has catered its cancer support benefits to directly address these identified needs and ensure employees receive the assistance they need. 

AbbVie’s robust suite of U.S. benefits, including workplace flexibility, empower its people to prioritize well-being and caregiving responsibilities without compromising their professional endeavors.

Support through every phase of the cancer journey

No one should face cancer alone, which is why AbbVie has enlisted a full suite of oncology care resources to help guide its U.S.-based employees and their family members through every phase of the cancer journey.

AbbVie has partnered with a specialized vendor to offer enhanced oncology benefits through a personalized healthcare app. Examples of no-cost services provided by the app include cancer screening reminders that aid in prevention and early detection. It also incorporates treatment navigation to coordinate expert opinions from National Cancer Institute-designated centers.

Whether it's understanding available benefits, navigating health care complexities or identifying oncology providers, AbbVie is providing personalized help to employees navigating this challenging time, allowing its people to focus on what truly matters to them and their loved ones.

It's about more than just benefits; it's about standing together, empowering our people and making a real difference in their lives.

Lesli Marasco
Lesli Marasco,
VP, Global Benefits and Well-being, AbbVie

"By listening closely to our employees’ needs and crafting personalized resources, we're not just offering assistance: We're showing our commitment to each individual's journey. It's about more than just benefits; it's about standing together, empowering our people and making a real difference in their lives” says Lesli Marasco, vice president, global benefits and well-being, AbbVie.

As a global leader in oncology, AbbVie sits at the intersection of where compassion meets innovation in the fight against cancer. And Lisa Moreno knows firsthand why this work matters.

“I cannot imagine going through what I did without having the AbbVie team in my corner,” she says. “It is the small things that companies can do to support their employees that truly make a difference.”



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