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Employee health and well-being

We believe every employee should have access to resources that support their wellness.


At AbbVie, our employees are scientists, technicians, regulatory experts and business leaders. They are also partners, parents, caregivers, friends and community members. To be effective at work, employees must also be able to meet their personal, family and community obligations. That’s why we offer a wide range of support to help our employees work and live meaningfully and sustainably.   

Well-being in the workplace

When it comes to health and wellness, we think both short- and long-term. The AbbVie Vitality program is our approach to create a sustainable path to employee well-being. Designed to achieve balanced lives and fulfilled selves, the program encompasses a wide range of local and global events, programs, digital and on-site resources and tools on topics such as physical and mental health, financial planning, stress management, nutrition, immunization and beyond. 

We provide managers and their teams with tools, tips and guidelines to help them effectively manage workloads and support teams. We offer flexible work options like flex time, part-time, job sharing, shift changes, compressed work weeks, remote work, telecommuting—and in the U.S., a phased retirement program. In 2020, AbbVie flexible work arrangements were offered in 79 countries.

Well-being beyond the workplace

Our parental leave policies and on-site daycare support our working parents, so that they can support those they love. In the U.S., our parental leave policy provides eight weeks of paid-leave and up to 10 weeks of unpaid-leave for employees to welcome a child into their family and then ease back into work.

The AbbVie Employee Assistance Fund (AEAF) supports programs that offer employees assistance at two pivotal moments: when a child goes to college and if a disaster or personal hardship strikes. Whether employees are celebrating a child’s bright future or need help during a difficult time, the goal of the AEAF is to offer resources to employees and their families around the world when they need it the most.

Becoming a caregiver not only for her children and work department, but also for her community.

Creating a network for parents to help navigate life with a child with autism


Scholarships awarded to children of AbbVie employees from 38 countries as part of the AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship Program


Awarded by Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being, recognizing the best workforce well-being programs in the U.S in 2019

For the Well-Being of Our Patients

For the Growth of Our Employees