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Inventing the medicines of the future

AbbVie is a place where scientists innovate, collaborate and are celebrated for their contributions to medicine.  

A culture of collaboration

To solve the world’s toughest health challenges, an inclusive and collaborative scientific community is critical. AbbVie’s research and development culture fosters an innovative environment where scientists are challenged to apply the highest level of scientific rigor, learn from one another and remain actively involved in the pursuit of making a meaningful difference for patients.  

AbbVie's Celebration of Science

Each year, AbbVie puts together a global event for scientists. Think weeklong science fair for adults. During the event, our scientists share results from their passion projects and brainstorm new avenues of exploration with the company’s scientific leaders. 

It’s a celebration of our scientists, who all make a meaningful difference for patients with their research. It’s also a time when ideas for new discoveries are seeded. Through poster sessions, lectures, and satellite sessions,  scientists dive into complex biological processes that are vital to keeping patients healthy. 

Driving transformational science for patients

From bench scientists to our chief scientific officer, everyone looks forward to the Celebration of Science where they can learn, explore and find solutions to the most pressing scientific questions. We are leveraging design thinking, crowdsourcing the best ideas where insights are sparked and ideas can thrive.

We are a collection of diverse, dedicated and passionate individuals. Our scientists grew up as curious kids bringing home ribbons from the science fair. Now, as adults, they are turning that curiosity into making a difference for patients. Learn more about the experiments happening inside our labs:

The scientists behind our next wave of immunology research

AbbVie researchers are now looking at using this same ADC technology to help patients with immune-mediated diseases by investigating delivering targeted immunology treatments, specifically steroids.

AbbVie scientists bring antiviral expertise to the COVID-19 battle

At the first sign of the pandemic, AbbVie began evaluating ways to help, including accelerating discovery efforts and external collaborations.