We Create Medicines and Solutions That Make a Real Difference

But it’s more than what we discover—it’s how we get there.

who we are

Meeting the needs of our times

AbbVie’s mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines and solutions that address complex health issues and enhance people's lives.

we are abbvie
We are AbbVie
We are AbbVie

Powered by 50,000 employees across the globe, it is the responsibility and the privilege of everyone at AbbVie to support our communities, better our society and help the patients of today and tomorrow.

Richard A. Gonzalez
Chairman & CEO

Every solution starts with the patient’s perspective, because transformative medicines only matter when they are safe, effective and accessible to everyone who needs them.

We are making significant advancements with a robust pipeline of potential new medicines as we look to find the treatments of tomorrow.

We are driven by our compassion for people, commitment to innovation and inclusion, service to the community and uncompromising integrity.

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Our history

AbbVie was founded in 2013 when we became a separate company from Abbott. Our name represents a proud connection to that legacy.

Since the beginning, our mission hasn't wavered. Our combination of focused innovation and commercial scale brings differentiated products to market that benefit patients, customers and health care providers. 

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