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Sustainable community impact

Serving the community and protecting the planet.

At AbbVie, we think long-term. We invest in innovative ways to sustainably and measurably improve the collective health of people and our planet. 

We are proud to uphold our commitment as community stewards—serving our communities. We collaborate with local nonprofits and governments to support the underserved through robust assistance programs, medical donations and philanthropic support. When natural disasters strike, AbbVie helps communities recover by providing critically needed medicine for relief efforts and humanitarian crises.

From managing our energy consumption to prioritizing sustainable suppliers, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact at every stage of the drug development and delivery process. Across the organization and around the globe, we have set ambitious, long-term environmental sustainability targets for absolute reductions to carbon emissions, water and waste generation

Uncovering the true adverse effects on individuals and society when patients discontinue their medicine.

Meeting ambitious environmental sustainability targets by managing energy use and our supply chain.

Transforming pediatric cancer care from the ground up

For the Well-Being of Our Patients