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Our approach

Collaborations are critical to our own success and the success of the industry.

Creating partnerships that make a difference

At AbbVie, we partner to achieve two important outcomes: deliver innovative medicines and make a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

We start with a highly integrated approach to developing and sustaining our partnerships. We work as one connected unit with a commitment to establishing collaborations across the development continuum that will ultimately benefit patients and fuel scientific progress.

Whether partnering with a business, academia or consortia, our goal is to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships. For example, for a smaller biotech partner, AbbVie’s global medical affairs and commercial reach may enable their product to benefit patients worldwide. Large pharmaceutical partnerships allow each company to contribute the strengths of their organization.

With a shared vision as our foundation, we align our capabilities to conduct groundbreaking science and bring innovative medicines to societies around the globe. From start to finish, we manage our partnerships for success—from early identification and mitigation of risks to shared accountability and reward for successful outcomes. Our partners and our strong team help make this possible.

How we work together

Search and Evaluation

Focused on identifying and evaluating new opportunities that complement and enhance our existing internal innovation strategies. S&E works in close partnership with our R&D and commercial teams, BD&A and Ventures to thoughtfully address each opportunity.

Business Development and Acquisitions

Evaluates a variety of partnership structures to meet the needs of both parties. BD&A works closely with S&E, and our commercial and R&D organizations to evaluate new opportunities.

Alliance Management

Highly successful partnerships result from an ongoing commitment to realize a shared vision. At AbbVie, we have a dedicated team that is involved in all aspects of the partnership from contracting through commercialization to ensure positive outcomes for all parties.

AbbVie Ventures

We strategically invest in transformational scientific opportunities to augment our core R&D interests and gain access to next-generation science and proven scientific leaders. Our expertise in drug development and commercialization can be a valuable resource to even the earliest stage companies.

The Partnerships Team

Our team is ready to meet with you to share our capabilities and discuss your business opportunities. We are always looking for innovation and new partnership opportunities that align with our focus areas. With offices in the Northern California, Chicago and Boston areas, as well as other locations around the world, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us to learn more.

Search & Evaluation

Niels Emmerich, Vice President, Search & Evaluation
Graeme Griffin, Sr. Director, Oncology
Murali Gopalakrishnan, Sr. Director, Neuroscience
Elzbieta Kowaluk, Sr. Director, Virology, Women's Health
Douglas Faunce, Executive Director, Eye Care
Joachim Vogt, Director Western Europe
Sergio Capancioni, Director Western Europe
Wendy Tai, Director JAPAC

Business Development & Acquisitions

Jay Stamatis, Vice President, Head of Business Development & Acquisitions
Rahul Jerath, Sr. Director, Oncology
Tony Brazda, Sr. Director, Medical Aesthetics
Rachel Strick, Sr. Director, Women's Health, Virology, Oncology
Phil Mcgurk, Head of East Coast BD&A, Immunology
David Moss, Assoc VP, Eye Care, NeuroPsych, Migraine
John Fitzgerald, Sr. Director, Out-licensing
Sridhar Mandapati, Head of International Business Development

Alliance Management

Anna Maroney, Vice President, Alliance Management
John Larson, Sr. Director Alliance Leader, Immunology, Oncology, Marketed Drugs
Jason Powell, Sr. Director Alliance Leader, Oncology
Jon Kern, Sr. Director Alliance Leader, Aesthetics, Immunology
Shankar Subramanian, Director Alliance Leader, Head Academic Collaborations
Melanie Patterson, Director Alliance Leader, Neuroscience, Oncology
Mary Chamberlain, Sr. Director Alliance Leader, Oncology
Ching-Yi Wan, Associate Director Alliance Leader, Oncology
Jenny Hsiung, Associate Director Alliance Leader, Oncology, Women's Health
Rajiv Janjikhel, Executive Director Alliance Leader, Eye Care, Immunology, Anti-Infect
Sunita Malhotra, Director Alliance Leader, Academic Outreach Head & Outlicenses

AbbVie Ventures

Adam Houghton, Ph.D, VP and Head, AbbVie Ventures
Margarita Chavez, Chicago and San Francisco area
John Gustofson, Boston/Cambridge area
Charles Kunsch, Ph.D, Boston/Cambridge area
Ross Leimberg, Boston/Cambridge area
KT Moortgat, Ph.D, San Francisco area
Jay Cui, Ph.D, Chicago area