Striving to outsmart cancer. Together.

At AbbVie, our mission is to have a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We are passionate about advancing oncology research and development with an aim to transform standards of care for people living with cancer. Together, we harness our pioneering spirit, the focus and expertise of our team and partners, and cutting-edge resources to accelerate the delivery of advancements to patients and health care providers.

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Relentless pursuit

Learn how we’re focusing our efforts to improve the lives of patients affected by cancer.

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Transformative science

AbbVie scientists combine deep biologic knowledge with cutting-edge research technology to advance cancer care.

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Oncology research locations

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AbbVie's progress in oncology

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Breaking the rules of science to treat cancer

How AbbVie researchers toppled widely held scientific beliefs to create new possibilities
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Oncology collaborations

Our research is strengthened by strategic collaborations. By leveraging our expertise alongside research partners, healthcare and clinical experts, industry peers, patients and patient advocacy groups bring together the most knowledgeable minds in oncology across the globe with the aim to deliver transformative therapies to patients.

International Myeloma Foundation

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Charting the role of genetic mutations through real-world evidence

In March 2018, AbbVie and the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) entered into a collaboration to conduct a landmark retrospective chart review study to better understand and help manage multiple myeloma (MM), the second most common blood cancer.1 This study is among the largest and most comprehensive in MM.

University of Chicago

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Accelerating the pace of discovery and delivering clinical benefits through local collaboration

AbbVie and the University of Chicago are working together to accelerate the pace of discovery and advance medical research in oncology – strengthening collaboration among researchers at both organizations.


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Researching next generation T-cell therapies

In June 2018, AbbVie and Calibr, a nonprofit drug discovery division of Scripps Research, announced a collaboration to develop T-cell therapies aimed primarily at cancer, including solid tumors.


[1] Kazandjian D. Multiple myeloma epidemiology and survival, a unique malignancy. Semin Oncol. 2016; 43(6): 676-681.