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Our oncology story began with a focus on attacking an “unhittable” cancer target

At AbbVie, our mission is to have a remarkable impact on people’s lives. In oncology, we are committed to transforming standards of care in the treatment and management of multiple blood cancers.  Together, we harness our pioneering spirit, the focus and expertise of our team and partners, and cutting-edge resources to accelerate the delivery of advancements across a range of cancers to patients and health care providers.

Leading the transformation of care

Learn how we’re leading the transformation of care in blood cancer and applying our expertise to solid tumors.

Blood cancer
Solid tumors

Our scientific approaches

AbbVie scientists combine deep biologic knowledge with cutting-edge research technology to advance care across a range of cancers.

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Oncology research locations

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AbbVie's progress in oncology

Latest news/Stories

A big data partnership holds big potential for blood cancer patients

With 45,000 patient records to explore, the HARMONY Alliance and AbbVie chart new territory.

Oncology collaborations

We believe that the best and fastest way to deliver breakthrough medicines for patients with cancer is through collaborations that bring together the brightest minds in oncology. Our dedicated and experienced team joins forces with innovative partners that complement our strengths, capabilities and commitment to oncology.


Accelerating the development of antibody therapeutics

AbbVie and Genmab have entered a broad collaboration agreement to jointly develop and commercialize three of Genmab's early-stage investigational bispecific antibody product candidates and enter into a discovery research collaboration for antibody therapeutics for cancer.

Scripps Research

Developing a broad range of new therapeutics

AbbVie and Scripps Research are collaborating to develop new therapies for a range of diseases, including cancer. Together, the companies are advancing CD3 bispecifics against oncology targets.


Targeting a key node in cancer and immune cells

AbbVie is collaborating with Jacobio Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize SHP2 inhibitors, which target a key node in cancer and immune cells.

Trishula Therapeutics

Developing first-in-class immunotherapy

AbbVie is collaborating with Trishula Therapeutics to develop and commercialize CD39-targeted therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.