Physician Payments & Transfers of Value

We’re guided by openness and transparency.


We Believe Interactions with Health Care Professionals Bring Value to Patient Care

Our interactions with health care professionals (HCPs) are guided by openness and transparency. This is especially important when it comes to financial payments or other forms of value provided. Demonstrating the integrity of our relationships with HCPs through transparency and disclosure is an important part of these relationships.

Open Payments—Physician Payments Sunshine Act

The US Sunshine Act, also known as the Open Payments—Physician Payments Sunshine Act, was enacted as federal law in 2010 as a component of the Affordable Care Act. The Act requires health care manufacturers, including AbbVie, to track financial transactions with certain health care providers and health care organizations (HCOs) and to disclose those transactions on an annual basis. We support the Act and its goal of providing the public greater visibility into interactions between the health care industry and HCPs to ensure public trust and confidence. To learn more, view our FAQs.

Report information

The report is based on transactional data that has been aggregated at a particular point in time; some payments and transfers of value that take place during the reporting period may be included in the next quarter’s report. Posted data may not correlate to state transparency reports due to differences in the scope and requirements between the various transparency laws. Changes or additions that are identified after the report is posted will be accounted for in the next quarter’s report. Due to the requirements for reporting related entities/payees, some payments shown on the report are included more than once. The types of payments and transfers of value included in the report are as follows:

  • Business Meals, which include reimbursed amounts for meals incurred in the course of providing contracted-for services such as consulting and research; and meals provided in connection with an educational or business discussion
  • Business Travel, which includes reimbursed amounts and the value of directly provided transportation (e.g., airfare, taxi service) incurred in the course of providing contracted-for services such as consulting and research
  • Educational Materials and Items, which include reference materials such as journal articles, textbooks and anatomical models
  • Professional Services, which include payments for contracted-for services such as speaking at an educational seminar or serving on a data safety monitoring board
  • Research-Related Payments, which include payments for research and clinical trial activities, royalties and license fees

For Physician Payment Reports, AbbVie follows the annual de minimis threshold reporting guidance as provided by CMS for Open Payments reporting.