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Keeping accountability at the forefront

When we lead with integrity, our goals and successes align.


Accountability is a two-way street. Not only do we aim to keep our partners accountable, but also ourselves. This is why we publish our ethical standards, policies and disclosures, and our positions and views. 

Ethical standards

One of our fundamental principles and an important part of our culture is integrity. We set clear expectations for employee behavior, beginning with our Code of Business Conduct which applies to all employees globally. Each year, all employees receive interactive training and must certify to abide by the Code—and we extend our expectations to suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our commitment to acting responsibly also extends to pharmaceutical pricing. AbbVie evaluates specific pricing decisions on an annual basis with careful consideration of a variety of factors.

Our comprehensive global ethics and compliance program includes robust training and monitoring. Beyond the Code of Conduct, the program includes:

  • The Office of Ethics and Compliance, which oversees the program
  • Policies and procedures describing clear requirements for fair and balanced product promotion, review and approval of promotional materials
  • Leading with Integrity, a guidance initiative for managers on setting the tone for our culture of integrity, leading by example, and supporting employees in making good decisions
  • A dedicated Ethics and Compliance Helpline that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A policy of transparency and disclosure in our relationships with health care professionals
  • A no-retaliation policy for good-faith reports of potential violations
  • A mandatory training program with topics assigned to employees based on their roles, like anti-corruption and anti-bribery training, recognizing and reporting safety information as well as appropriate interactions with healthcare providers and patient groups
  • Structured ethics and compliance monitoring and reporting
  • A continued commitment to bioethics
  • A dedication to helping researchers better understand the root causes of disease and work towards cures with a responsible use of stem cells
  • AbbVie is committed to the humane care and use of animals in our research and development programs

Policies & disclosures

AbbVie is committed to being fully transparent and compliant with our policies and disclosures. We publish policy statements on topics including guiding principles for working with patient groups principles for working with patient groups, to compliance with specific state regulations, and sponsored professional conferences.

Positions & views

Our life’s work is to improve lives, and we pledge to do so in a transparent and sustainable way. You can read our positions and views on public policies that promote our mission of developing leading-edge therapies and innovations, providing life-changing products to patients who need them most, and enabling us to deliver treatments that have an impact on people’s lives.

The AbbVie Code of Business Conduct describes our commitment to the people we serve

We publish our code of conduct in over 20 languages

For the Well-Being of Our Patients

For the Resilience
of Our Business