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Investing in the power and potential of our people

We believe in a development-focused culture, where employees have opportunities to learn, grow and find purpose.


At AbbVie, we know supporting the development of our employees impacts our ability to develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients around the globe. That’s why we invest in our people and their growth, helping them gain specific enterprise-critical capabilities to develop, build and find purpose in their careers. Through ongoing employee surveys, performance evaluations and talent reviews, we use analysis to inform and refine our employee development strategy. 

Our learning & development programs

We believe in a development-focused culture, where employees have opportunities to learn, grow and find purpose. We take a personalized approach to development, identifying each employee’s individual development needs, encouraging employees to set a learning goal and prioritizing development opportunities aligned with their interests.

For all employees, our award-winning, global program, ‘Learn. Develop. Perform.’ (LDP) offers webinars, online tools and mobile resources to help employees learn the necessary skills and capabilities to be their best. Topics span cross-functional collaboration, business acumen, unconscious bias training and more. We also make training resources available to help employees evolve their skills.

Our leaders play an essential role in bringing out the best in their teams.  We provide a suite of live and virtual training resources focused on leadership development. Leadership programs at the manager, director and executive levels help to advance the skills of current leaders and prepare future ones. Specialized programs, such as Women’s Leadership Journey and the Executive Diversity Mentoring Program, create opportunities for our talented team members to build and advance their careers.

Our beliefs in action

Our commitment to learning and development has resulted in numerous programs and achievements, including:

  • We provide equity, equality, diversity and inclusion education to employees. Our Inclusive Culture Learning Series is available in 12 languages, making everyone feel valued and fostering understanding of the ways diversity and inclusion impact our business.
  • We build learning into our annual goal-setting and evaluation process with all employees encouraged to set a learning objective annually. Performance and development feedback is provided throughout the year with formal discussions occurring at least twice a year.
  • Talent Link, our internal professional networking platform, helps employees connect who have colleagues with particular skills or interests and find mentors.
  • AbbVie offers coaching to employees through formal programs that are assessed at the local level.
  • Departments and teams offer specialized learning and development programming focused on their unique areas of responsibility.
  • In 2021, nearly 800 employees participated in the Executive Development Program, which includes a suite of live and virtual training resources that are focused entirely on leadership development.
  • In 2021, we integrated Allergan associates into the Learn.Develop.Perform (LDP) employee development program and increased overall participation across our programs by 25%.

Interested in developing as a leader and scientist with AbbVie’s team?

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Percentage of our global employees who regularly engaged with Learn. Develop. Perform. (LDP) resources.


The majority of AbbVie colleagues voluntarily include a Learning & Development objective in their annual performance plan.

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