AbbVie Ventures is focused on early-stage opportunities in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, eye care, and aesthetics.

Active portfolio

Accent Therapeutics is leading the translation of RNA-modifying protein(RMP)biology into promising new precision therapies for cancer.

Expanding the druggable proteome to drug intrinsically disordered proteins.

Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals is developing small molecule therapeutics targeting pathologic proteins associated with persistent stress granules for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

Artios Pharma is developing cancer treatments that target DNA Damage Response pathways to selectively kill cancer cells.

Capsida Therapeutics is creating a new class of targeted gene therapies for both CNS and non-CNS disorders.

DISCO Pharmaceuticals is developing novel mass spectrometry methods to decode the cancer cell surface.

DG Medicines is employing a novel drug discovery platform to identify therapeutics for targeted protein degradation.

EndLyz Therapeutics is developing disease-modifying therapeutics which restore endo-lysosomal function and abrogate neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other dementias.

Enthera is developing first-in-class therapeutics for severe autoimmune disorders.

FireCyte is an emerging biotechnology company developing novel treatment strategies focused on the role of microglia and neuroinflammation in progressive neurodegenerative diseases of the eye.

Jnana Therapeutics is building the first drug discovery platform dedicated to the solute carrier family of transporters.

Kojin Therapeutics is developing transformative medicines based on a groundbreaking approach to ferroptosis and cell state biology.

Light Horse Therapeutics is developing novel CRISPR-based functional site-dependency maps with advanced drug discovery capabilities as a platform technology with broad therapeutic relevance.

Nitrase Therapeutics is developing drugs against a newly identified class of enzymes which play a harmful role in a variety of age and inflammation dependent diseases.

Palleon Pharmaceuticals is targeting glycan-sensing checkpoints to unleash both the innate and adaptive immune responses to cancer.

Parvus Therapeutics is developing Navacim platform: presentation of peptide-MHCs to T cells to induce Treg differentiation.

Portera Therapeutics is developing small molecule enhancers of the proteasome.

Quanta Therapeutics is pioneering allosteric modulation to control RAS signaling for inhibition of the full scope of RAS-driven cancer types.

ReAx Biotechnologies is developing activity-dependent protein ligation technology for quantitative in-cell profiling.

Ribometrix is a platform therapeutics company discovering small molecule drugs that target functional 3D RNA structures to treat human disease.

Ribon Therapeutics is discovering first-in-class small molecule inhibitors to block cancer cells' ability to survive under stress.

Stemson Therapeutics is developing a novel treatment for hair loss, using iPS cells to grow new Dermal Papilla and generate hair follicles de novo.

Trishula Therapeutics is dedicated to improving outcomes for people with cancer by developing TTX-030, a first-in-class, anti-CD39 antibody.

Umoja Biopharma is pioneering the future of immunotherapy by reprogramming T cells in vivo.

Drug Delivery Stealth Newco is developing a synthetic drug carrier platform for subcutaneous nanotherapy.

 Immunology Stealth NewCo is harnessing natural mechanisms for tolerance induction to transform outcomes in autoimmunity.

Oncology Stealth NewCo is developing a novel cross-linked helix dimer platform for previously intractable therapeutic targets.

Former investments


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Acquired by Novartis after Merger with Aduro Biotech, NASDAQ: KDNY

Acquired by Lilly


Acquired by Locust Walk Acquisition Corp (SPAC merger), NASDAQ: EFTR



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