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We're committed to empowering people living with migraine disease and helping to reduce migraine’s impact on their lives.

Advancing our mission through migraine research and development

Impacting one billion people worldwide, migraine is a neurological disease with recurring attacks that cause pain and other debilitating symptoms. We're committed to advancing science that enables healthcare providers to care for people impacted across the spectrum of migraine. Through education and partnerships with the migraine community, we strive to help those with migraine navigate barriers to care, access effective treatments and reduce the impact of migraine on their lives.

See why we're committed to this community:

Farida Migraine Patient video
Stacey migraine patient video

Our breadth of migraine research

Although there is no current cure for migraine, we believe it is a treatable disease and there are now more options than ever before. Since no two patients are alike, it’s important for healthcare providers to have a variety of management options.

Starr migraine patient video

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