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Supporting employees when they need it most.

The AbbVie Employee Assistance Fund, a part of the AbbVie Foundation, programs offer employees around the world assistance at two pivotal moments: when a child goes to college and when a disaster strikes.

The AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship helps students of employees around the world pursue their full potential through education. We are proud to have been able to invest in over 1,000 awards to children of AbbVie employees helping to pursue their dreams.

AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship Video
Celebrating the 2022 AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship

Watch some of the 327 students from more than 26 countries and territories as their parents surprise them with news of an AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship!

AbbVie Possibilities Scholarship Program

Scholarships are offered worldwide annually to help dependents of AbbVie employees achieve their full potential.

AbbVie Employee Relief Program

When the unexpected happens — a large-scale or personal disaster or financial hardship — financial assistance may be available to help.