Eye Care

See how the invention of the first antihistamine eye drops sparked a journey of discovery focused on challenging eye diseases.

Building on a legacy of preserving and protecting vision

Blindness and vision loss impact over 1 billion people around the world. From our first discovery in 1948 at Allergan, now part of AbbVie, our scientists have pioneered research on ocular diseases and treatment for the front and back of the eye. Today we're building on our already broad and diverse portfolio with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases of the retina and ocular surface diseases. We're investigating the genetic basis for certain diseases to help us bring forward innovative medicines to reduce the treatment burden for patients.

While there's no playbook for being a pioneer, we must continue targeting unmet needs.

Mike Robinson, M.D.
VP, Clinical Development, Ophthalmology, AbbVie
AbbVie eye care scientists are focused on challenging eye diseases with opportunity to improve the standards of care.

Research interests

Each year more people will receive a vision-threatening diagnosis due to aging and lifestyle factors. Our robust research and development approach is anchored in improving the standards of care across multiple disease areas to make a meaningful difference for patients.

Our research, focused on unmet needs, fuels an innovative pipeline of treatments that seek to preserve and protect vision and prevent blindness. Our research interests include:

Improving standards for all
Bridging our understanding of biological processes and the genetic basis of human disease to accelerate ophthalmic drug discovery.

Finding new approaches
Leading innovation in long-acting therapeutic approaches via mechanism of action, sustained-release formulations or gene therapy to reduce the treatment burden.

Collaboration in innovation
Working with colleagues across AbbVie to seize the scientific opportunity of innovation within oncology, immunology and neuroscience through knowledge of common disease pathways.

State-of-the-art imagery
Applying state-of-the-art imaging modalities to monitor disease progression and therapeutic intervention to accelerate the translation of bench science to the clinic.

Strategic collaboration
Joining forces with innovative partners that complement our strengths, capabilities and commitments to eye care, including our work in chronic retinal diseases with REGENXBIO.

Disease indications

We are focused on some of the most challenging eye diseases, including:


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