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Welcome to AbbVie

On behalf of our entire company, we would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to our team.

We're so glad you're joining us

You have joined a dynamic team of scientists, technicians, sales, marketing, administrative, manufacturing and business professionals who work together to make AbbVie one of the most powerful, trusted, and respected pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Across AbbVie, in all roles and functions, we are passionate about bringing world class medicines to market that help customers and patients around the world live better, healthier lives.

We know you take pride in your career at AbbVie, knowing you play an important part in contributing to our ongoing success.


What you need to do in preparation for your first day

Read your Welcome Email and take a moment to ensure you understand what you will need to be ready for your first day.

Your first day might look different from other colleagues depending on which site you start your journey, so please pay close attention to the first day details in the email.

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to your Hiring Manager listed on your Welcome Letter or The AbbVie Experience Team at

Important Day 1 Activities

We understand there are a lot of things to take care of as you start your new career at AbbVie. Below is a short list of what you should act on as soon as you have appropriate system access:

Critical Form I-9 Process

 I-9 Completion Instructions:

If you are located in the below locations:

Boston, MA

Cambridge, MA

Irvine, CA

Lake County, IL

Worcester, MA


This is a two-step process:

Step 1: Before your first day, complete Section 1 at: using the AbbVie employer code 15101.

Step 2: Meet with an HR Representative on-site to present your original unexpired acceptable document(s) on or shortly after your first day of employment to complete Section 2. Additional instructions will be sent to your personal e-mail soon*. A copy of your documents will also be required.

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, have been in direct contact with someone diagnosed or experiencing symptoms, or have been diagnosed with COVID, or other reasons, please respond to the email regarding your I-9 appointment.

*Notify if you will not be within 50 miles of your work location during your first week. You may then follow the All-Others instructions below to complete your I-9.

All Others I-9 Completion Instructions: Begin this process immediately

Complete your I-9 through an Equifax service called I-9 Anywhere, which offers remote Form I-9 Section 2 completion through authorized I-9 representatives near you. Appointments fill up fast and completing the Form I-9 in advance of your start date will ensure you meet the critical federal deadline no later than three days from your start date.

This is a two-step process:

Step 1: Go to I-9 Anywhere now and select your AbbVie work location or Virtual (from the drop-down list) to complete Section 1.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions to make your appointment to present your documents to complete Section 2. You must present your original, unexpired, acceptable document(s) during your in-person I-9 verification. 


Still Have I-9 Questions?

I-9 Process:  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I completed the first section of the I9 process and received the confirmation code. What else do I need to do? Who should I be scheduling an appointment with to present my documents?
    • If you are a virtual new hire or an employee located over 50 miles from an Abbvie location, complete section 1 of your I9 at: I9-Anywhere. Follow the on-screen instructions to make your appointment to present your documents to complete Section 2 
    • If you are a new hire located within 50 miles you will be contacted by an HR representative to schedule your appointment to present your documents. Before your first day, complete section 1 of your I9 at: using the AbbVie employer code 15101
  2. I am out of town/traveling or will not relocate to my work location until after my start date. What can I do?
    If you will not be located within 50 miles of an Abbvie building within the first 3 days of your start date complete section 1 of your I9 at: I9-Anywhere. Follow the on-screen instructions to make your appointment to present your documents to complete Section 2. 

  3. I am located in a different state and will move to my AbbVie work location in the future. What address should I use for the physical address in section 1 of the I9 Form?
    You can use your current address, the address in section 1 will not trigger any changes on the process.

  4. I completed my I-9 through I-9 Anywhere. Is there anything else I need to do?
    If you have completed your I-9 through I-9 Anywhere and presented your documentation, thank you - no further action is required. You will be contacted by HRConnect if there are any issues or follow-up required.

    For additional I-9 questions, send an e-mail to:

Review and watch the Total Rewards Presentation and Benefits Video

We know benefits selections are personal and can be complicated to decipher. Please take the time to watch the Benefits video and review the Total Rewards presentation before your first day. You will have 30 days from your start date to make your selections.

What to expect during your first week at AbbVie

The AbbVie Experience Team at headquarters invites you to participate in New Employee Welcome Week. Welcome Week is a series of virtual, interactive sessions that take place throughout your first week and maybe in addition to site-specific orientation. You can join the Welcome Week sessions using your own device or AbbVie device.

Headquarter New Employee Welcome Week Schedule

Tuesday: 1pm - 3pm CT
New Employee Orientation & Welcome Session
Together, we explore AbbVie’s history, mission, and principles, along with important information you’ll need to get started.

Wednesday: 11am- 12pm CT
Culture Session
Connect with the programs and philosophies that are fundamental to our culture at AbbVie. Throughout the session, you’ll find opportunities to learn and engage with our Ways We Work and Talent Philosophy.

Thursday: 2pm- 3pm CT
AbbVie Journey Map Session
This engaging session will give you an opportunity to take the AbbVie Journey through our Virtual Map while interacting with other new employees and learning about The AbbVie Way. The Virtual Map is a unique and dynamic format facilitated by a Journey Map facilitator.

Friday: 11 a.m - 12 pm CT
Q&A Session
In the Q&A session, a representative from Business Technology Solutions (BTS) will be available to share resources and address and questions you may have from a technology perspective. 


Additional new employee forms

Please review the information below before your first day of work. Check all sections below for those that apply to you. Sections titled “Review Only” contain important information for you to read, but you do not need act on those documents. *Please bear with us, as we continue to update these documents with proper branding during our integration process.

We truly hope that your experience at AbbVie will be exceptional.

Welcome and best of luck in your new career journey!