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Developing our employees' capabilities

At AbbVie, we pursue an active, hands-on mindset when it comes to our employees’ development and growth. Our Learn. Develop. Perform. (LDP) program offers easily accessible, personalized development that is tailored to employee's interests.

Each year, AbbVie dedicates an entire week to employee development. To continue to be successful, we must continue to involve our leaders. Leader engagement is high at AbbVie, including our entire leadership team who has been engaged in teaching and developing our employees.  

During LDP Week, employees across the globe have the opportunity to join a celebratory week of development and learning with global content experts and leaders.

If you’re looking to build a career where you feel empowered to continuously grow, 
AbbVie is the place for you.

LDP Week continues to empower development

For the sixth consecutive year, our award-winning program continues to be recognized externally as a way to empower all our employees to own and drive their personalized development. Each year, LDP Week is filled with innovative events. Past years have included a 24-hour radio station, television channel, TED event and live keynotes from guest speakers. See highlights from the 2022 event - watch below.

Learn. Develop. Perform - Video

Employees are empowered to explore year-round opportunities, such as:

  • Webinars on-demand delivered by global content experts and AbbVie leaders
  • Read articles on development
  • Team-based focused discussions, including viewing parties
  • Practice skills through tutorials
  • Test their knowledge through interactive exercises

AbbVie’s approach to learning is unique – here’s 3 reasons why

Leaders have made learning a part of the culture and empower employees to take charge of their development.

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