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Innovation that advances patient health & well‑being

We approach our science with an unrelenting spirit to deliver life-improving medicines for patients.

The journey from an idea to a breakthrough is where we imagine and create new medicines that help patients around the world reclaim what matters most. Rooted in deep expertise and compassion, our journey reflects who we are, what we value and how we collaborate with our partners and our communities.

Though there are, and will always be hurdles and uncertainties, we have a strong legacy of forging breakthroughs and delivering innovative medicines. Motivated by the strength and courage of those we serve, we are determined to overcome the toughest scientific and health challenges of our time.

We innovate with integrity and intention to advance long-term health and business resiliency.

Creating transformative change

Our research is driven by dynamic minds who are humbled by the stories of people, patients, caregivers and health care providers. Their spirit to persevere inspires us to forge breakthroughs that are beyond “good enough” – they are life-improving. By learning from uncertainties, we are driven to push through challenges and discover life-enhancing solutions.

For autoimmune diseases, it means aiming for remission, not just managing symptoms. For cancer, it means finding ways for patients to achieve better and longer-lasting treatment results. For eye care, it means working with front-line eye care professionals to preserve and protect vision. For neuroscience, it means continuing to pursue ways to slow, halt and ultimately reverse the damage of debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Identifying and Addressing Unmet Needs and Enhancing People’s Lives

We relentlessly innovate to overcome the toughest medical and scientific challenges of our lifetime. Leveraging more than 130 years of innovation with therapies in over 60 disease areas, we continue to invest in the discovery and development of new medicines. We do this by concentrating our efforts on a core set of therapeutic areas where we have proven expertise, and where we can make a greater impact on people’s lives: immunology, oncology, neuroscience, eye care, virology and aesthetics. In addition to these key therapeutic areas, we are applying our scientific expertise to discover and develop medicines in other areas where patients still have limited treatment options, such as women’s health and cystic fibrosis.

Understanding the Patient & Customer Perspective

The true value of a medicine is  the difference it makes in a person’s everyday life. Our teams strive to bring a patient and customer perspective into the lab as we develop innovative treatments and solutions that affect the outcomes people value most. This means incorporating patient and customer input to understand their individual experience and what outcomes really matter, and then pioneering new ways to accurately measure those outcomes. We have been building our knowledge with the use of wearable digital tools to collect data from patients, in both the controlled trial setting and the real-world. These tools provide objective measurement and reduces the need for patients to recall all details of their experience.

Collaborations are critical

We believe collaborations can deliver transformational medicines for patients. Our partnerships bring together the brightest minds to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. Each year, AbbVie partners with over 220 leading biotechs, universities, non-profits, and government organizations to collaborate and advance science.

Our approach to external innovation partnerships is highly integrated. Whether partnering with a business, academia or consortia, our goal is to create long-term value. From start to finish, we manage our partnerships for success—from early identification and mitigation of risks, to shared accountability and reward for successful outcomes. Our partners, working closely with our team, help make this possible.

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Adjusted investment in research and development in 2021 across therapeutic areas including immunology, oncology, neuroscience, eye care, women’s health and our aesthetics business*


Proportion of compounds in clinical development with a novel mechanism of action in 2021

* Adjusted investment in Research and Development spend is a non-GAAP measure and excludes specified items of $0.4B compared to the as reported GAAP measure of $6.9B.

For the Well-Being of Our Patients