Philip Hajduk, Ph.D.

Vice Pre​sident, R​&D Information Research

Dr. Philip Hajduk serves as Vice President of R&D Information Research at AbbVie. In this role, he leads an integrated organization that delivers IT platform solutions across all R&D business areas and drives new capabilities to enable better decisions faster, on our targets, drugs and patients.

Dr. Hajduk joined the Discovery Research organization in 1993 and has since had a significant impact on its science and technology platforms. He spearheaded the early development and application of SAR by NMR and played a key role in the development and integration of diverse technologies to enable and expedite drug discovery, including cheminformatics, high-throughput screening, and data analytics.

Beginning in 2013, Dr. Hajduk led our Platform Informatics and Knowledge Management (PIKM) group, where he built a team that has delivered a vast repertoire of scientific informatic tools that are empowering AbbVie scientists with the knowledge required to discover compelling targets, identify optimal drugs, and improve patient health.​