Human rights and workplace safety

We are committed to supporting a safe and respectful working environment for all.

Our commitment to human rights

At AbbVie, we believe in the inherent dignity of every human being and respect individual rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We recognize our responsibility as an employer and responsible corporate citizen to do all we can to prevent, mitigate and remedy any adverse human rights impacts across our value chain.

Our Commitment to Human Rights describes how we promote respect for all people, including our employees, contractors, suppliers and patients.

Construction worker winding a green tube.

Upholding AbbVie safety standards around the globe

Environmental, health and safety manager Mike Mendoza on why he’s passionate about making sure people go home safe.

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Leading the industry in workplace safety

Workplace safety is one way we live our commitment to human rights. We provide comprehensive workplace safety training for all employees, as appropriate for their environment.

Zero. Believe It. Achieve It. That’s our guiding philosophy for workplace safety. It’s our belief that every environment, health and safety incident is preventable if each person adopts a preventative mindset. And we’ve seen results. Our recordable incident rate and lost time incident rate are among the lowest in the industry, based on data from the Pharmaceutical Safety Group, an industry consortium.