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Employee well-being

Helping people be their best, in the workplace, at home and in the community 

Supporting our employee community

Our employees are scientists, technicians, regulatory experts and business leaders. They are also partners, parents, caregivers, friends and community members. We offer a wide range of support to help them work and live productively, meaningfully and sustainably.   

AbbVie Vitality is our approach to employee well-being, designed to achieve balanced lives, active bodies, fulfilled selves and healthy minds. It includes a variety of programs focused on physical and mental health, work-life balance, financial planning, significant life events and more.

Learn more about AbbVie Vitality and employee benefits.

Cancer changed how this mom chose to live her life, serve her community

This AbbVie working mom gained a new perspective after having cancer when she was a child. Today, she cares for her family, department and community.

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Another day in the life of a working mom of a child with autism

Every day is a whirlwind for this AbbVie working mom, who created a network for other parents to help navigate life with a child with autism.

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Supporting employees in times of need

Supporting our employees’ well-being, whether they need help during a difficult time or are celebrating a child’s bright future, is part of who we are as a company.

The AbbVie Employee Assistance Fund, a part of the AbbVie Foundation, supports employees at two critical moments: when a disaster strikes and when a child goes to college.

WATCH: Every college-bound student deserves to pursue a career that makes them happy. See how we’re helping make that a reality for children of our employees.