Employee diversity & capability development

We focus on building teams with strong skills and diverse perspectives.

Diversity and inclusion support innovation

We’re at our best when all voices are heard and valued and employees can contribute fully. At AbbVie, embracing diversity and inclusion is one of our company Principles. Living by this Principle helps us innovate, understand our customers and attract and retain talent. We’ve built this strategy into how we work every day.

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion describes what these concepts mean at AbbVie, why they matter for our business and our employees, and how we live our commitment.

Learn more about our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and how we work to help our global colleagues achieve their full potential. 

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Inclusive benefits

Within our walls, we create an environment where all people can thrive. That includes offering benefits that address a wide range of needs.

Learn more about our inclusive benefits.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion education

We provide equality, diversity and inclusion education to employees. Our Inclusive Culture Learning Series is available in 12 languages making everyone feel valued and understanding the ways diversity and inclusion impact our business.  

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Employee support

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us appreciate diversity and realize its benefits in our business.

Learn more about our ERGs and mentoring programs.

Investing in our people

We know that attracting a high-performing workforce is only the first step. We invest in our people, helping them gain the specific capabilities to develop, perform and build their careers.

Our approach to employee development is directly linked to our business priorities. We identify enterprise-critical capabilities – those with a direct and significant impact on how we deliver on our long-term business strategy – and focus employee development on these capabilities.

We use ongoing analysis to inform and refine our employee development strategy, using employee surveys, performance evaluations and talent reviews to ensure we are successfully developing, deploying and retaining talent. 

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Supporting military veterans

Veterans bring highly valued skills to the workforce. Hear from AbbVie veterans about how they transitioned into positions with our company.

See the video

Developing great leaders

We recognize the essential role that leaders play in bringing out the best in their teams. That’s why we provide a suite of resources focused entirely on leadership development.

Leadership programs at the manager, director, and executive levels help to advance the skills of current leaders and prepare future ones.

Specialized programs such as Women’s Leadership Journey and the Executive Diversity Mentoring Program focus on building and advancing a diverse leadership team.

Ongoing learning and development opportunities

We also provide resources for the learning and development of all employees, including:

Learning goals
We believe that most learning and development happens through real experience, on the job. We build learning into our annual goal-setting and evaluation process, with all employees encouraged to set a learning objective annually. Performance and development feedback is provided throughout the year with formal discussions occurring at least twice a year.

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Learn.Develop.Perform is our signature global development program. Open to all employees, it is an annual weeklong series of live, interactive learning events. Employees choose topics that meet their needs and interests. Webinars are made available for replay on demand, so our library of resources is always growing.

Throughout the year, more than 70 percent of global employees regularly engage with LDP.

Talent Link
Building connections helps our employees identify others at AbbVie who can help them develop. Talent Link, our internal professional networking platform, helps employees connect with colleagues with particular skills or interests and find mentors.

Specialized training
Departments and teams offer specialized learning and development programming focused on their unique areas of responsibility.

Diversity in our U.S. workforce

To find out more details about the diversity of AbbVie's U.S. workforce, please click here