Supporting an innovative workforce

Innovation takes talented people doing their best work, together.

Embracing equality and diversity makes us more innovative by bringing together different perspectives. We maximize the performance of people and teams by creating an environment where they can develop and thrive.

Employee diversity and
capability development

The knowledge, ideas and capabilities that employees bring are critical to an innovation-driven company like AbbVie. We focus on attracting, retaining, developing and supporting the people who work together to advance
our mission.  

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Human rights and
workplace safety

We respect the human rights of all people, including our employees, contractors, suppliers and patients.

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Employee well-being

To be effective at work, people must have the resources and support to be their personal best every day. We prioritize work-life balance, employee health and well-being and flexibility.

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Living our commitments

See some of the specific ways we live our commitments to prioritizing diversity and development
for performance:

Flexibility is key to this mom’s
work-life balance

Our “Working Mother of the Year” balances her career in process chemistry with raising
two children.

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