Patient, family and caregiver well-being

Patients look to their families, caregivers and communities for support. We want to help ensure they receive the broad care and support that will help them achieve the best outcomes.

Support for patients and caregivers

We support independent educational programs that help connect patients and caregivers with advocacy organizations, patient summits and educational programs where they can learn more and meet other patients.

What I wish I knew: Tips for brain tumor patient caregivers

A cancer diagnosis affects not only the person receiving it, but everyone in his or her orbit. Read the personal experience of a woman whose son had brain cancer.

We support patients beyond their conditions. AbbVie offers patient scholarships to help patients reach their educational goals.

AbbVie Cystic Fibrosis Scholarships provide financial support to young adults with cystic fibrosis as they pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States.

AbbVie Immunology Scholarships aim to empower exceptional students living with inflammatory disease in the United States.

Support for health care providers

Science and medicine are constantly changing. To provide the best care for their patients, health care providers continuously seek the latest information and resources available.

We support organizations to offer:

  • Unbiased continuing education for experienced health care providers and scientists on current, new and emerging science
  • Fellowships allowing health care providers new to their field to continue training and increase experience and knowledge in their specialty area

Supporting nonprofits focused on patient well-being

We provide financial support to nonprofits focused on delivering family-centered care. These nonprofits address challenges that directly affect a family’s emotional, psychological and
financial well-being:

Ronald McDonald House Charities

AbbVie has donated $100 million to add new guest sleeping rooms and family-centered spaces at 33 locations in the United States. Read the story of the oncologist who founded the first Ronald McDonald House, and how AbbVie is helping to carry out her vision for a home away from home.

Family Reach

We have given $5 million to this organization that helps alleviate the financial burdens associated with cancer. The funds will support program expansions that will reach 25 new hospitals in 23 states in the U.S.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Our donation of $50 million will fund new family-centered areas on the Memphis campus, including a treatment-free floor for kids and families to recuperate and connect along with outdoor green space.

Direct Relief

The AbbVie Foundation partners with Direct Relief in Mexico to address major barriers to pediatric cancer care in regions with limited infrastructure.