Medical Education

We partner with a broad range of organizations to help address today’s health care challenges to ensure that patients, and the health care providers who treat them, receive the information and support they need.

Fostering Continuing Education to Improve the Treatment Patients Receive

Continuing education is critical to ensuring health care professionals have the right knowledge to fully meet the needs of patients. We offer programs and opportunities for health care professionals, scientists, and patients to obtain important information about the disease(s) they are managing.

For example, AbbVie Global Grants and Charitable Donations supports health care delivery organizations and professional associations to foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical or health care issues that contribute to the enhancement of patient care. We also support charitable donation requests from nonprofit organizations, including nonprofit health care providers.

AbbVie’s Grants & Donations Reports

These reports disclose charitable donations, educational grants, fellowships and scholarships, patient support and corporate sponsorships. Recipients include medical and other health care professional organizations, patient organizations, academic institutions, hospitals, medical education companies and other scientific associations.

All AbbVie grant requests originating from the United States and Puerto Rico are processed by a centralized grant management department and more information is available at Support from the nonprofit, philanthropic AbbVie Foundation is reported in an annual Internal Revenue Service 990-PF filing. This information is available at

The posted reports include individual direct payments of more than $200 from AbbVie’s US and Puerto Rico businesses. The reports may be updated periodically to reflect new data.

View the full list of AbbVie’s grants and donations below.