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Making medicines accessible

We recognize that to benefit from our medicines, patients must be able to access and afford them.

Our approach

Our approach to access is tailored and on a medicine- and country-specific basis, taking into account a range of factors including local disease burden, health and economic value of the medicine, and local economic conditions.

Our health economists study the impact of our medicines and patient support programs on health outcomes, use of other health services, and activities of daily living.

We work closely with payers and health technology assessment organizations to build shared understanding of how our medicines create value and impact overall health budgets.

Beyond our pricing and reimbursement models, we provide financial assistance to U.S. patients who need support in paying for their AbbVie medicines.

We have expanded the eligibility for our U.S. Patient Assistance Program, myAbbVie Assist. In 2019, over 89,000 patients in the U.S. were provided free AbbVie medication. 

Learn more about myAbbVie Assist