Male nurse holding hands with a patient.

Advancing patient health & well-being

Making a remarkable impact for patients takes research, innovation, integrity and support that goes beyond medicine. 

AbbVie medicines treat serious health conditions affecting people of all ages and stages of life. We believe that our impact for patients begins – but does not end – there.

Doing the best we can for patients means using research and expertise to enable meaningful health improvement. It means providing safe, quality medicines and information health care providers can trust. And it means supporting patients to get the best outcomes possible. 

Research for better outcomes

Creating real health improvement is not only our mission, but also how we stay competitive. We want to create transformative change, not just incremental improvement, for patients. This starts with discovering and developing novel medicines and treatment approaches that make a real-world impact, and includes making medicines accessible and affordable.  

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Ethics, safety and quality

To be a partner in patient health, we must earn and maintain the trust of patients, health care providers and others by acting with integrity in everything we do. We must make high-quality medicines that are available when patients need them, and take proactive and ongoing action to ensure patient safety.

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Patient, family and
caregiver well-being

Patients look to their families, caregivers and communities for support during their health journey. By supporting independent educational programs for health care providers, patients and caregivers, we seek to strengthen that system. Through philanthropic support for family-centered care, we aim to help patients and families achieve well-being.

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Living our commitments

See the some of the specific ways we live our commitments to advancing patient health
and well-being:

A scientist in goggles, face mask, and hair mask looking closely at an object.

Breaking the rules of science to
treat cancer

For two longtime AbbVie researchers, rules are meant to be broken. Learn how they create new possibilities for cancer patients.

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