Innovative Research

We are committed to addressing global health needs and improving standards of care by leveraging our expertise and resources.

AbbVie scientists in North Chicago collaborate to address neglected diseases.

Developing Medicines That Benefit Patients

Our research and innovation focuses on developing medicines that deliver strong clinical performance, provide more patient benefit and deliver economic value—especially where there is significant need around the world in certain disease areas. This includes immunology, kidney disease, liver disease, neuroscience and oncology.

~$4.3 billion AbbVie’s adjusted spend on research and development in 2015 to discover and test compounds with the potential to treat more than 482 million people

Collaborating with Health Care Professionals to Treat the Most Pressing Medical Conditions

Our collaborations help us improve existing products and deliver innovation in patient care. We work with health care professionals in the research and development process and in medical education. Their expertise helps us develop and enhance products and therapies to treat conditions such as HIV, arthritis, immunological and metabolic disorders, and cancer.

20% of the world’s population suffers from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), according to the World Health Organization

Solving Neglected Tropical Diseases

We work hard to address neglected diseases that disproportionately impact the world’s poor and marginalized populations. More than 160 of our most experienced scientists are collaborating with partners and dedicating 17,100 pro-bono hours annually to drug development projects, advisory boards and compound screening to help solve NTDs.

In addition, we provide a large library of diverse chemicals to screen against many NTDs. Our Executive Council on Neglected Diseases coordinates efforts across the company to contribute innovative technologies, compounds for screening and our scientific expertise. Learn more about our NTD partners.

Through thousands of hours of pro-bono work by our scientists, partnerships with organizations like Medicines for Malaria Venture and grants from the AbbVie Foundation, we’re helping address neglected diseases.