Stakeholder Engagement

Together with our stakeholders, we target unmet needs to support patients across the globe.

By working together with stakeholders we combine efforts, thinking, and resources to develop solutions for patients and communities. Click the items below to learn how we engage with some stakeholder groups and what we accomplish together.

Patients are at the center of everything we do. About 28 million patients are treated by our medicines annually. We are committed to advancing care by working with patient groups toward common desired outcomes.

Patience assistance programs
Patient support initiatives
Clinical trials information

One million patients are reached through our innovative medical education programs annually. We take on today’s health care challenges by ensuring patients, and the health care providers who treat them, receive the information and support they need. 

Our approach to Medical education
Our collaborations with healthcare professionals and organizations

We partner with more than 300 biotechs, universities, nonprofits and government organizations to collaborate and advance science every year. 

Our approach to partnerships
Our partners in tackling neglected diseases
Our open innovation platform

We collaborate with payers to demonstrate how innovation and medicines can have long-term impacts. We are committed to advancing access to our products, and work in partnership to present the value of treatment for patients and health systems.

Our innovative technologies and platforms
Our product portfolio

Suppliers in 156 countries are critical to bringing our medicines to patients and communities. We succeed both as a business and as a corporate citizen because of suppliers who share our commitment to patients. 

How we work with suppliers
Supplier Code of Conduct

The dedication of our ~30,000 employees is what makes us successful. We foster an environment where employees can grow, be challenged, and find purpose. 

Our talent philosophy and employee benefits
Recent recognition

AbbVie continually engages with our investors and the financial community to ensure ongoing dialogue.   

Information for investors
Our pipeline of products  

Our products reach 175 countries. We collaborate with local decision-makers to improve patient care today and in the future.

Our corporate political participation policies
Code of Business Conduct

We are committed partners to organizations that work to improve communities all over the world. We support local and international groups working on the ground – from service delivery to emergency response.

List of grantees
AbbVieFoundation partners  
AbbVie Foundation impacts  

Collaborating with local stakeholders helps us to do more in our communities. Our employees are committed to local communities, leveraging expertise and time to have a remarkable impact.

2018 Week of Possibilities volunteering initiative
Our contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We collaborate with our industry peers to advance a common vision of a healthier world. Engaging with pharmaceutical trade associations allows us to elevate our voice on critical policy issues that directly impact our patients.

Trade association memberships
Trade associations where an AbbVie employee is a member of the board

We engage with media and communicate on social media channels to be transparent around our efforts and to gain important insights from other stakeholders.

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