Engaged Employees

Our employees are committed to their local communities, leveraging their expertise and time to have a remarkable impact.

Employees in 50 countries volunteer during AbbVie’s annual Week of Possibilities, shown here at North Chicago High School.

Making a Difference

Whether donating to our annual Employee Giving Campaign or partnering with organizations to provide education research, our employees are committed to helping the world become a better place.

For example:

  • 95 percent of AbbVie’s US employees contributed during the 2016 annual Employee Giving Campaign. Their donations, combined with matching donations by the AbbVie Foundation, provided $6.5 million to local communities and charities.
  • In Ireland, AbbVie is partnering with Young Social Innovators to develop national school workshops on innovation and science.
  • Hundreds of employees in Lake County, Illinois, partnered with Direct Relief to assemble emergency care packages for those displaced from their homes due to natural disasters.
  • As part of AbbVie’s commitment to animal welfare, employees volunteer in our Dog Socialization and Play Enrichment program to play and help care for dogs in our animal research facility. Employees undergo training for proper handling of dogs and to better understand use of animals in research.

Week of Possibilities

We encourage engagement in the communities where we live and work. During our annual volunteering event, Week of Possibilities, we encourage our employees to participate in various nonprofit organizations and help their local communities across the globe. We also provide year-round opportunities for employees to take part in volunteer activities that align with our Corporate Responsibility commitments.

In 2016, more than 6,000 employees volunteered in more than 50 countries across the globe. We worked to improve and refurbish libraries, renovate buildings, landscape and garden, gather and collect books for schoolchildren, assemble furniture, paint walls, make repairs and much more.

See many more ways our employees are helping make an impact across the world.

See our 2016 Week of Possibilities in action.