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Creating the greatest impact

Learn how AbbVie is working to create long-term, meaningful impact for families, students and communities in need.

Living a culture of giving back

Since AbbVie became a company in 2013, we set out to make giving a part of who we are, focusing on the nonprofits and places where we can make a real impact.    

That’s why we’ve contributed an additional $350 million to support nonprofits creating long-term impact in communities in need, from North Chicago to Puerto Rico and cities across America. These contributions are focused in three areas that align with our priorities – helping families thrive, disaster relief and strengthening K-12 education.

See the impact our partners have created for the people and families they support.

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Helping families thrive

We’re working with nonprofit partners that help children facing serious illnesses and those who care for them. 

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Supporting disaster relief

We’re accelerating recovery efforts underway following the devastating impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, helping to move Puerto Rico from recovery to resilience.  

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Strengthening K-12 education

Through powerful partnerships, we help meet students’ needs in and outside of the classroom by supporting community-based education across the U.S. and in our own backyard.

Helping families thrive

Having a child with a life-threatening disease is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can face. It places a burden on families, stretching beyond health care and into emotional and financial well-being.

To strengthen our commitment to helping families thrive, we are partnering with nonprofits that provide housing and family-centered services to families who have a child with a serious illness. Our donations are the largest contributions each of these partners have received to date, and will enable significant expansions of physical space, programs and services to meet growing demand.

STORY: See how Family Reach has accelerated its expansion to help children like Whitaker, a 4-year-old with a rare form of cancer

“Family Reach’s support during that time in our lives really gave us the headspace, the breathing room, just to quit worrying about those financial obligations and just focus on the kids and taking care of them,” says Seth Weinburger. L-R: Seth, Whitaker, Lakeland and Erin Weinburger.

Our partners

For more than 40 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been keeping families together and close to the medical care they need. Ronald McDonald Houses provide comfort, support and resources for families with sick children just steps from the hospitals treating them. Within the Houses, families have more than just a place to sleep – they have lounge spaces to relax and spend time together just like they would at home. As the need for services continues to grow, many Houses are at capacity and have to turn away families.

New: Learn more about how one pediatric oncologist lit a spark to open the first Ronald McDonald House.

With a historic contribution of $100 million from AbbVie, RMHC is able to serve more families by adding over 600 new guest sleeping rooms at 33 Ronald McDonald Houses in the United States. These improvements, including the construction of four new Houses, are resulting in approximately 230,000 additional night stays for pediatric patients and their families annually.

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Family Reach alleviates the financial burden of cancer by working with more than 300 hospitals and cancer centers in the United States to equip families with financial education, planning, navigation and assistance before they hit critical breaking points.

NEW: Explore the five key areas of progress Family Reach has made with a $5 million AbbVie donation.

A $5 million donation from AbbVie is enabling Family Reach to help even more families, allowing an expansion to an additional 25 hospitals in 25 states across America and enhancing access to tools and support programs to an estimated 4,400 additional families.

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Young patients at St. Jude and their families often spend months on the Memphis, Tennessee campus, as doctors work tirelessly to treat their pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases. With the majority of funding coming from individual contributions, St. Jude upholds its longstanding promise that families never receive a bill for treatment.

NEW: The hospital’s patient experience leader describes the new Family Commons, from nap cubbies to a music and art studio.

To support St. Jude and its focus on putting families first, AbbVie has donated $50 million, the largest one-time gift in St. Jude history. The gift will allow St. Jude to accelerate plans to enhance the patient and family-centered care at the heart of its mission. The AbbVie gift will build spaces – both indoor and outdoor – for families to be together, including a treatment-free floor called Family Commons and a new walking path, gardens and playground.

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Supporting disaster relief

Many months after two hurricanes struck Puerto Rico and left indescribable damage, recovery is still ongoing. With nearly 50 years as an employer on the island, AbbVie is behind long-term efforts that will move the community from recovery to resilience. With two donations of $50 million each to Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity International, we are focused on two fundamental areas: health care and housing.

Progress is already being made by the two organizations, with Direct Relief concentrating on health centers and Habitat on assessing the neighborhoods in which to repair and rebuild homes, making them safer and better able to withstand future hurricanes.  

Learn more about our efforts in Puerto Rico

STORY: Rosa and Antonio went from living in their makeshift shelter to a safe, repaired home, thanks to Habitat’s disaster repair program in Puerto Rico

After 10 months of living in their garage, Antonio and his wife Rosa were finally able to move back into their home. They're happy to be able talk to their two parakeets, work in their garden and grow peppers and herbs again.

Our partners

Since the hurricanes struck Puerto Rico, Direct Relief has been on the island and focused on restoring health care. From delivering emergency medical packs to the hardest-hit areas in the weeks after the storms to restoring power with new renewable sources like solar, Direct Relief continues to increase access to health care.

With a $50 million commitment from AbbVie, Direct Relief is focused on supporting more than 60 community health centers and local facilities with renewable energy, the capacity to produce clean water and mobile medical units to provide health care to remote areas. Residents will also have access to new telemedicine programs to address the shortage of healthcare professionals on the island.

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With thousands of homes on Puerto Rico destroyed by the hurricanes, Habitat for Humanity International is focused on helping people repair and rebuild. With the $50 million from AbbVie, Habitat will directly assist 13,000 hurricane-affected residents through repair, new construction, workforce training and assistance with clear property titles.

The AbbVie donation is also going toward Habitat’s efforts to effect policy and systems reforms in aiding many of the estimated 1.3 million Puerto Ricans who live in housing that was built without clear title or proper permits. Those residents face significant barriers to construction and repairs as well as assistance from other sources of aid.

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Strengthening K-12 Education

A solid foundation in education is critical to help young people succeed inside and outside of the classroom. AbbVie is focused on education, working with our nonprofit partners with expertise in helping students in underserved communities stay in school and graduate.

The force of public and private groups coming together can create real change and meet students’ needs. We’re committed to help prepare students for the next step with transformative education partnerships that give all students a chance at a successful future.

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STORY: See firsthand how City Year brings afterschool STEAM education to curious students in California.

People in yellow jackets with their hands clasped in a circle

Watch a typical “day in the life” of a City Year AmeriCorps member and learn how they impact students and create change in San Jose schools.

Our partners

Across the United States, students and their families face challenges accessing and navigating the maze of public and private services that could help them succeed in school and earn a high school diploma.

New: Learn how an intervention from Communities In Schools changed the course of one young man’s life.

By centering resources on the students with the highest need and making strong connections through school-based coordinators, nonprofit Communities In Schools (CIS) removes barriers for students at risk of dropping out. This mission is being elevated with a $30 million contribution from AbbVie.

This donation, the largest in CIS’ 40-year history, is enabling the nonprofit to grow its existing network, expand into communities not yet served, increase professional development offerings and continue its emphasis on research and innovation.

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We know all children can succeed. But children living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty graduate high school at rates 22% lower than their middle or upper-income peers.

City Year’s goal is to strengthen the urban high school graduation pipeline, helping more students stay in school and on track to graduate. The organization deploys City Year members to serve full-time in schools as near-peer tutors, mentors and role models, helping students acquire critical strengths and skills to help them thrive both in and out of school.

A $10 million total contribution will help communities where AbbVie employees work and live:

  • City Year Chicago is strengthening and expanding programs to serve more than 18,000 students in 36 schools over the next five years; and
  • In San Jose, California, AbbVie is expanding City Year’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program for up to 1,250 students.

Nationwide, the AbbVie donation will expand City Year’s National Math and Literacy Academic services to 258,000 students by 2022.

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The challenge is certain: Closing the opportunity gap and improving schooling outcomes for underserved youth in America’s most distressed urban neighborhoods.

What’s uncertain is how to solve this problem – that’s why the University of Chicago Education Lab is dedicated to finding solutions by developing, rigorously testing and scaling innovative programs to give youth in Chicago and across the United States the supports they need to succeed.

A $15 million donation from AbbVie, the largest the organization has ever received, is allowing the Education Lab to deepen its relationship with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and other educational institutions to provide students at highest risk for dropout and violence victimization with individualized instruction and socio-emotional support, and to generate evidence about which approaches are moving the needle for kids.

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A longtime partner of AbbVie, the public school district in North Chicago provides learning opportunities for 3,400 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Neal Math & Science Academy – North Chicago’s only middle school – is where the District educates students during the pivotal transition into high school. Yet, their learning environment is in the poorest shape of any district building.

A $40 million donation from AbbVie will rebuild Neal Math & Science Academy, resulting in a new state-of-the-art middle school and giving students a 21st century learning environment that will help to propel learning and student success.

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