Opportunity leads to
wonderful possibilities

Sometimes, even a sick child knows how to get the most out of life.

“Adrina” was a 7-year-old Romanian girl who lived in a foster home. Because she was frequently ill, she was admitted to several different hospitals, and – at one of them – she contracted the HIV infection.

Living in a house full of love

Through the generosity of the BIPAI-Black Sea Foundation, Adrina then entered a group home, where HIV-infected children and young people were sheltered.

It proved to be a godsend.

With the love and support of everyone in the house, Adrina learned how to cook, do chores, work in the garden and attend school in
the village.

Photo: Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative

Not letting HIV slow her down

There were still many challenges. Adrina had to take medicines by the handful every day, deal with additional associated infections that needed treatment and go to the doctor’s office for monthly check-ups.

Despite those challenges, Adrina maintained a positive attitude, grateful for the good-hearted people who were happy and well-equipped to take care of her.

She also had the opportunity to travel abroad to Japan and the United States, where she saw other children suffering from her disease. There, she learned that she could be unconditionally accepted anywhere in the world. These experiences shaped her personality and motivated her even more to try and make a life for herself.

Photo: Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative

Always looking forward; never forgetting

Today, Adrina is married, has a family and has moved out of the group home – her life changed by the work of the BIPAI-Black
Sea Foundation.

About the BIPAI-Black Sea Foundation

The BIPAI-Black Sea Foundation aims for a more effective response to the HIV epidemic in Romania. Since 2001, BIPAI’s Romanian Clinical Center of Excellence has provided HIV/AIDS care and treatment services to more than 500 HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children and young adults. This includes testing, counseling and treatment to aid in the fight against HIV.