Giving back here, there and everywhere

Many AbbVie employees have one thing in common: big hearts. Here are just a few examples of how AbbVie employees help the AbbVie Foundation make a difference:

Passionate about bringing better education

Employees really showed how much they care during the Week of Possibilities – AbbVie’s signature volunteering program. More than 7,200 volunteers gave 33,000 hours of their time to non-profit organizations in the communities where they live and work.

Photo: AbbVie

Giving back around the world

In Tokyo, children living in group homes participated in the AbbVie Foundation’s SEEK (Science Engineering Exploration Knowledge) program, which gives young students hands-on insight into the scientific discovery process.

In Bogota, Columbia, children benefited from a new space that will be used for different activities, including doubling as a classroom and chapel. Children also received academic support from volunteers who instructed them in math and language.

In Budapest, Hungary, AbbVie employees renovated a local secondary school, offered health lectures to illustrate the dangers of smoking, offered tips for preventing hepatitis C infection and provided insight into living a healthier lifestyle.

Many other projects around the globe provided improvements for local schools that touched the lives and hearts of many communities.

Photo: AbbVie

Helping in their own backyard

Based in North Chicago, AbbVie targeted North Chicago Community High School and the Neal Math & Science Academy for library revitalizations, dramatically renovating each with new furniture, books, resources and computers.

“Every year we do something, and we get to see the before-and-after,” said Scott Pounders, explaining why he had chosen to spend a beautiful summer day inside renovating a library for hundreds of students he’d never met.

Photo: AbbVie

Receiving the ultimate reward

“I just wanted to help,” Pounders said.