A welcome delivery in Nepal

At nine months pregnant, Devi looked forward to the day when her baby would be born. Then the unimaginable happened – the devastating Nepal earthquake of April 2015.

Nearly 9,000 dead. Almost 23,000 injured. Millions displaced. And in the aftermath of the earthquake, the country’s roads, buildings, and health centers were heavily damaged or destroyed.

In the wake of such destruction, normal life ground to a halt. Arranging for Devi’s care while she carried her baby to term seemed unlikely.

Photo: International Medical Corps/Thomas Van Houtryve

From disaster to new life

International Medical Corps, supported by a grant from the AbbVie Foundation, responded quickly to the disaster by sending out Mobile Medical Units (MMU) to provide emergency care in remote areas around the country. For the next six weeks, the MMUs reached patients in some of the hardest hit areas.

Hearing about International Medical Corps and as her time to give birth drew near, Devi and her family left her village to seek the organization’s help. When she arrived at the Samaguan MMU, International Medical Corps doctors conducted an ultrasound on her and found that her baby was in breech position. Attempts to change the baby’s position failed, putting Devi in a dangerous situation.

The medical team quickly arranged for Devi and her family to be evacuated by helicopter and brought to the Gorkha District Hospital where she would receive emergency care. And there, a few days later, she safely gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Photo: International Medical Corps

Time to rebuild

Overjoyed, Devi and her husband named the baby Dharshana Tamang. Thanks to the International Medical Corps medical team’s help, a new life for Devi and her family has begun.

Photo: International Medical Corps

About International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps responds to emergencies around the world, assisting those in urgent need by providing lifesaving health care. Learn more about International Medical Corps at internationalmedicalcorps.org.