Now seeing a better future

Imagine being nine years old and your biggest challenge at school isn’t passing a test or getting your homework done, but simply being able to see a chalkboard.

Meet Estrella, a 9-year-old nearsighted public elementary student in North Chicago who is nearsighted and didn’t have access to prescription eyeglasses.

As a result, she could barely read her textbooks, much less the teacher’s notes on the board at the front of the classroom. Unfortunately, her situation was all too common in her underfunded school district.

Many problems, few solutions

The educational challenges in North Chicago are daunting.

The district is ranked among the bottom 10 percent in the state for student performance and faces debilitating funding problems.

Photo: North Chicago Community Partners

Every student deserves better

Our partner, North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP), is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting students’ needs, both in and outside the classroom, so they have a better chance for
educational success.

NCCP refuses to let kids like Estrella fall through the cracks.

By providing Estrella and other students with much-needed vision and hearing resources, NCCP is helping change the lives of children throughout North Chicago.

Photo: North Chicago Community Partners

School is cool again

Today, Estrella – whose grades are much improved – loves going to school now that she can see better.

Photo: North Chicago Community Partners

About NCCP

NCCP is a nonprofit that supports the North Chicago school district and community to build better lives for its children.