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AbbVie Foundation

Dedicated to serving unmet needs across the globe

Ways we help

Based in North Chicago, Illinois, the AbbVie Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to making a remarkable impact around the world through a commitment to building strong communities, sustainable health care systems and effective educational programs. 

Since its inception in 2013, the AbbVie Foundation has:

  • Served over 18 million people
  • Volunteered over 334,000 hours by AbbVie employees globally
  • Supported 60 partner organizations
  • Impacted 90 countries through our programs

Building strong communities

The concerns of the underserved require a community-level approach. Natural disasters, financial difficulties and other factors can intensify problems, deepening the call for outside support. That’s why we partner with global and local programs to provide aid to those in need.


Building sustainable health care systems

Our work with partners provides community-based, sustainable models of care around the world. The severe lack of economic resources and inadequate infrastructure create barriers to sufficient care. Teaming up with organizations helps us dismantle these barriers, ultimately improving health outcomes.

Building effective educational programs

Children need access to education and resources that foster achievement in critical areas such as STEM. Together with global community partners, we give instructions and supplies students need to foster a love of learning and create an environment that empowers them to excel.

We collaborate with extraordinary organizations and individuals who share our same focus: changing lives. See a list of our Foundation partners.

AbbVie Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications. Questions?Contact
us at