Patient Assistance Program FAQ

For additional questions, please call us at 1-800-222-6885 Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm CST.

Things to know before you begin

We consider many factors when reviewing an application. Examples include:

  • Your family size
  • The medication you are taking
  • Insurance status
  • Financial hardship
  • Other special circumstances

Even if you have insurance and you are struggling to pay for your medicines, we encourage you to apply. Please note:

  •  Fill out the sections completely – please refer to the checklist on the application.
  • Attach proof of income if required.
  • Be sure that you and your doctor sign and date the application.
  • If you have insurance, please include a detailed list of prescription and medical expense for the household.
  • Send to the fax number or address on your application.

Please begin with the application process by downloading an application from this website or by calling 1-800-222-6885 to request delivery of an application by mail or fax.

Patient Assistance Programs that provide medication at no cost are available to qualified people who reside in the United States and for some products Puerto Rico.  Savings cards are available in the US and for some products Puerto Rico.

Participation in our programs is free; we do not collect any
fees from people seeking our assistance.

If we receive your application with all the necessary paperwork and signatures, we will usually complete the evaluation within two business days and contact you and your health care provider with the outcome.  Please closely review the application before submitting it. Missing or incomplete information, documentation, and signatures often cause delays.

Most programs do require proof of income.  Please refer to the program application. We prefer to receive your most recent tax return; however other forms of proof are acceptable. 

Please include information with your application regarding your financial circumstances.  This will allow us to accurately assess your eligibility for patient assistance or for alternate coverage such as Medicaid.  

If you have experienced a recent hardship such as a job loss or other reduction of income that is not reflected in your tax return, please describe your current income situation when you submit your application.

We will contact you and/or your healthcare provider about your eligibility.

This can vary by medication.  For some products we will ship the medication within seven days of an application approval.  For other medications, we will contact you or your health care provider to schedule medication delivery.

Yes. Please review the application listed under the specific medications you are applying for.

If the application is the same, only one application is needed. If the medications are listed on separate applications, you will need to complete them separately.