HCV programs and perspectives

Eliminating hepatitis C will mean uniting all of us behind a collective effort to overcome the obstacles. The estimated 300 micro-elimination projects that AbbVie supports are forging partnerships that help concentrate our efforts, share learnings and scale what works. These are just a few of our efforts to date:

AbbVie Australia

No C in Blacktown

An Australian project is replicating a successful model of diabetes screening and treatment at Blacktown Hospital in Western Sydney to improve HCV awareness among at risk groups including people who inject drugs.

AbbVie Estonia

From Micro to Macro

In Estonia, a protocol is being developed to test, treat and follow up with adult hospital patients with elevated liver enzymes who are at risk for hepatitis C infection. Today, these patients are undiagnosed due to the lack of funding for screening.

AbbVie Germany

Project Plus

In Germany, a new referral network called Project Plus has been set up at addiction treatment centers. The network is helping people who inject drugs battle addiction and other challenges they face, enabling them to prioritize hepatitis C care.

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AbbVie Israel

Road to the Cure

In Israel, an effort to map the most frequented locations of people who inject drugs is helping healthcare providers bring laboratory services and hepatitis C treatment to places where these patients feel comfortable.

AbbVie Japan

Arcadia Hiroshima

In Japan, a partnership between local and regional governments is helping to improve hepatitis C awareness among general practitioners and non-specialists to support the HCV referral system and link more patients to care.

AbbVie Portugal

One Step More

In Portugal, a former inmate has created a peer-to-peer counseling program, One Step More, that goes inside prison walls to motivate people to seek hepatitis C care.

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AbbVie Romania

Hep C A-L-E-R-T

A project in Romania is working to show that hepatitis C elimination is possible through cost-effective, point-of-care testing using a rapid finger stick test in 13 regional hospitals.

AbbVie Russia

HCV Free Childhood

A new project in Russia is looking to drive policy change by developing a roadmap to maxmize adolescent screening for hepatitis C as well as creating a hepatitis C registry to improve referral and treatment.

AbbVie South Korea

HCV Free Gurye

In a remote South Korean mountain town, physicians and medical education experts are raising awareness of hepatitis C and testing adults aged 40-79, a high-risk age group.

AbbVie Spain

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

A project in Spain is helping to facilitate hepatitis C patient referrals from general practitioners to specialists, and build a referral network at harm reduction centers to help people who inject drugs.

AbbVie Switzerland


A project in Switzerland is working to increase the involvement of general practitioners in the testing, treatment and diagnosis of hepatitis C to close gaps in the treatment cascade.

Hepatitis C elimination in the US

HCV experts are also working to eliminate the disease in the United States. We are highlighting what HCV micro-elimination looks like in the US to showcase the learnings, the challenges and the successes in the relentless pursuit to eliminate hepatitis C.*


Telehealth in Appalachia*

In western Maryland, a university-based project has established a telehealth clinic here to improve care.

San Diego

Video: Dr. Christian Ramers

Dr. Christian Ramers discusses HCV elimination efforts in San Diego.

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Video: Dr. Nancy Reau

Dr. Nancy Reau discusses HCV elimination efforts in Illinois.

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New York

Video: Dr. David Bernstein

Dr. David Bernstein discusses HCV elimination efforts in New York.

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* AbbVie is not directly affiliated with these efforts