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Immuno-oncology (I-O) focuses on mobilizing a patient’s own immune cells to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. I-O research aims to activate an immune response at various points along the immune cycle.1,2,3,4


  • Relies on the immune response and the immunologic memory.5
    • The immunologic memory is a distinct characteristic of the immune system. It allows our immune systems to quickly and specifically recognize an antigen that our bodies have previously encountered.5
  • There are two types of immune responses, the innate and the adaptive.
    • The innate response is an antigen-independent response that is immediate and has no immunologic memory.3,4
    • The adaptive response is an antigen-dependent and antigen-specific response with the capacity for immunologic memory.3,4


Why it matters...

  • Research in cancer immunotherapy has increased our understanding of the potential to harness the immune system to attack cancer cells.6
  • Continuing to research combination I-O therapies may address the needs of future patients with cancer.7

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