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Our science is regularly recognized in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Contributing to the scientific community

We apply the highest scientific rigor to our work and share learnings to advance science that can benefit society. As a result, our scientists and their work are frequently published in peer-reviewed journals. Review a selection of our publications.


Recent publication highlights

Title Author Publication Date
The amyloid hypothesis in Alzheimer disease: new insights from new therapeutics Karran et al.  Nature Reviews Drug Discovery  2022
Pathophysiological and pharmacological considerations to improve the design and application of antibody-drug conjugates Boghaert et al. Cancer Research  2022
One-step hydroxylation of aryl and heteroaryl fluorides using mechanochemistry Rodrigo et al. Green Chemistry  2022
Scalable Asymmetric Syntheses of Foslevodopa and Foscarbidopa Drug Substances for the Treatment of Parkinson's Diseases Huters et al.  Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022
Design and Development of Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulators as Immunology Antibody-Drug Conjugate Payloads Hobson et al.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry  2022
What is in Our Kit? An Analysis of Building Blocks Used in Medicinal Chemistry Parallel Libraries Wang et al.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry  2022
Ultra-High-Throughput Ambient MS: Direct Analysis at 22 Samples per Second by Infrared Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Radosevich et al.  Analytical Chemistry  2022
A vision for integrated publicly available information on regulated medical products Roberts et al.  Clinical and Translational Science  2022
Application of tiny-TIM as a mechanistic tool to investigate the in vitro performance of different itraconazole formulations under physiologically relevant conditions Lopez Marmol et al.  European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science  2022
Broad Application of CYP3A4 Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Protein Quantification in Hepatocyte Cytochrome P450 Induction Assays Identifies Nonuniformity in mRNA and Protein Induction Responses Savaryn et al.  Drug Metabolism and Disposition  2022
Water Distribution on Protein Surface of the Lyophilized Proteins With Different Topography Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations Feng et al. Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 2022
The landscape of GWAS validation; systematic review identifying 309 validated non-coding variants across 130 human diseases Alsheikh et al.  BMC Medical Genomics 2022
An anti-PD-1–GITR-L bispecific agonist induces GITR clustering-mediated T cell activation for cancer immunotherapy Chan et al.  Nature Cancer  2022
Clinical Trials with External Control: Beyond Propensity Score Matching Wang et al. Statistics in Biosciences 2022
Implications of the Conformationally Flexible, Macrocyclic Structure of the First-Generation, Direct-Acting Anti-Viral Paritaprevir on Its Solid Form Complexity and Chameleonic Behavior  Sheikh et al.  Journal of American Chemical Society  2021
Elezanumab, a clinical stage human monoclonal antibody that selectively targets repulsive guidance molecule A to promote neuroregeneration and neuroprotection in neuronal injury and demyelination models Huang et al.  Neurobiology of Disease  2021
A non-clinical comparative study of IL-23 antibodies in psoriasis Zhou et al.  mAbs 2021
Fueling the Pipeline via Innovations in Organic Synthesis Voigt et al.  ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2021
Positioning for a sustainable future-Role of chemical engineers in transforming pharmaceutical process development Bordawekar et al.  AICHE Journal  2021

Previous publication highlights

Title Author Publication Date
Venetoclax increases intratumoral effector t cells and antitumor efficacy in combination with immune checkpoint blockade Kohlhapp et al. Cancer Discovery 2021
Harnessing cerebrospinal fluid circulation for drug delivery to brain tissues Naseri Kouzehgarani et al. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2021
Foslevodopa/Foscarbidopa: A New Subcutaneous Treatment for Parkinson's Disease Rosenbraugh et al. Annals of Neurology 2021
High-Throughput Label-Free Biochemical Assays Using Infrared Matrix-Assisted Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Pu et al. Analytical Chemistry 2021
Optimized Culture Conditions for Improved Growth and Functional Differentiation of Mouse and Human Colon Organoids Wilson et al. Frontiers in Immunology 2021
Collecting antibodies and large molecule biomarkers in mouse interstitial brain fluid: a comparison of microdialysis and cerebral open flow microperfusion Le Prieult et al. MAbs 2021
Validation of a quantitative systems pharmacology model of calcium homeostasis using elagolix Phase 3 clinical trial data in women with endometriosis Stodtman et al. Clinical Translational Science 2021
Selective inhibition of the BD2 bromodomain of BET proteins in prostate cancer Faivre et al. Nature 2020
A balance score between immune stimulatory and suppressive microenvironments identifies mediators of tumour immunity and predicts pan-cancer survival Turan et al. British Journal of Cancer 2020
Epitope and Fc-mediated cross-linking, but not high affinity, are critical for antitumor activity of CD137 agonist antibody with reduced liver toxicity Ho et al. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics  2020
Coproporphyrin I Can Serve as an Endogenous Biomarker for OATP1B1 Inhibition: Assessment Using a Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir Clinical Study Kalluri et al. Clinical Translational Science 2020
Machine learning prediction of oncology drug targets based on protein and network properties Dezso et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2020
Evaluation of Tissue Stem Cell–Derived Human Intestinal Organoids, a Physiologically Relevant Model to Evaluate Cytochrome P450 Induction in Gut Stresser et al. Drug Metabolism and Disposition 2020
Use of Zebrafish in Drug Discovery Toxicology Cassar et al. Chemical Research in Toxicology 2019