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Are you living with migraine?

You might be able to help scientists uncover new solutions.

Migraine research takes teamwork.

The journey to improve migraine care starts with research. And everyone deserves a voice in that process.
That’s where you come in. 

By participating in the AbbVie Research Collaborative, you’re partnering with scientists as to help unlock knowledge of migraine disease by sharing your health data and migraine experience. Joining is easy and free.

Migraine affects more than 1 billion people worldwide.* Our scientists are on a mission to change that statistic and help improve lives. Every day they are gathering new data that could help improve treatments. You can help speed up the process by providing personal health information that gives them new insight into the impact of migraine disease on your life. 

Learn more about the AbbVie Research Collaborative

What is the purpose of the AbbVie Research Collaborative?

AbbVie’s mission is to discover and develop new medicines for patients like you. To do that, we need data from patients like you. This can help us understand serious medical conditions and how they affect different individuals, which can lead to the development of new therapies.

Why am I being asked to participate in this program?

Because your experience matters. By participating, you can help our scientists access more “real-world” health data. Real-world data is exactly what it sounds like: information about your health that is generated and collected in the real world. It helps us understand the different characteristics of conditions including symptoms, triggers, and sources of relief

What will I need to do?

You will need to review and sign the informed consent form for the AbbVie Research Collaborative that explains this program in more detail.  Participation is voluntary and you must be 18 years of age or older, living in the US. You must also join the Research Collaborative online platform and link your health data from your health care providers.  AbbVie hired a company named Seqster to run the Research Collaborative online platform and keep the data secure. You will need to agree to Seqster’s terms of use and privacy statement to join the online platform. They can be accessed here.

Who will see my data?

The health data you link and share on the online platform may be accessed by AbbVie, its representatives, and/or people or companies it works with on the research, government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that ensure the rights of research participants like you are protected. The results of scientific research using data in the Research Collaborative platform may be published in research reports or scientific presentations and publications. In all such circumstances, AbbVie will remove any information that identifies you or that reasonably could be used to identify you.

What are the benefits, risks, and/or consequences of participating in this program?

The AbbVie Research Collaborative is focused on data collection. Your health data is diligently protected from a security standpoint and will be used for research purposes only. There are, however, a range of benefits. Along with personally contributing to medical research, you’ll be able to access a 360-degree view of your health in the online platform.

Will I be paid to participate in the AbbVie Research Collaborative?

You will not be paid to participate in the AbbVie Research Collaborative.  There is no cost to you to participate.

How long will the program last?

The AbbVie Research Collaborative will run for a minimum of one year. At that point, we’ll evaluate whether we are meeting our goals and if the program should be continued and broadened to more disease areas.

How will my data be used to advance scientific research?

Your data will be protected and used exclusively for research purposes. AbbVie researchers will use participants’ data to analyze specific conditions and diseases. Each participant’s experience living with a certain health condition is unique to them and therefore a small piece of the bigger puzzle. Opportunities for new medical advancements may be made when these “puzzle pieces” of data are examined, compared, and used together for research.

Will I get the chance to participate in future clinical trials by sharing my data?

One of the benefits of the AbbVie Research Collaborative is that we can determine––based on your unique health profile––which upcoming AbbVie clinical trials might be a good fit for you. Our goal is to proactively notify you when these studies are ready to enroll so you can discuss the pros and cons of participating with a healthcare professional. However, we cannot guarantee a spot in the actual trial as there may be additional eligibility requirements. Likewise, there is no obligation to participate if you determine it’s not the best option for you.

Who can I contact to learn more information about the AbbVie Research Collaborative?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or concerns regarding participating in the AbbVie Research Collaborative, please email us at

* Source: Migraine Research Foundation

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